The Law of Time and Human Design

This Blog is dedicated to explore the Convergence of Twin Soul Systems

Ra Uru Hu’s Human Design and Valum Votan’s Law of Time

As both systems have the 64 I Ching/DNA Hexagrams/Codons at their very core

and some other incredible compatible facts !

You are welcome to join this ongoing investigation !

In Lake’ch


1/3 Mental Projector : RAX of Maya : kin 177 Red Galactic Earth

12 thoughts on “The Law of Time and Human Design

  1. Congrats Adrian! This is most exciting. Godspeed in your investigation. My gut tells me you are on to something meaningful.

    1. Indeed David! Thank you for you comment, the dimension of what comes out when you get these streams together is so big that it has been difficult lately to put it into an appropiate context to be shared, i am in a deep research into HD now and looking forward to get back to the integration process soon with new reports and stuff. If you ever read Castañeda’s bibliography, there were some experiences where Don Juan and Don Genaro would speak to him at the same time, each to a different ear? so if we had Valum Votan and Ra Uru Hu doing that, can you imagine how would that sound? he he anyway, thanks for reading!

  2. My life is betwixt the two .. No separation just one complimenting the other and making the journey a true synchronotron . Two giant pieces of the puzzle that hinge so many other things together .. So blessed to have the understanding , the keys that open the doors to everything .

  3. Thanks for this! So very interesting. I just noticed that Ra and Josè have the same Moon Nodes (gate 1.1 and 2.1 in personality)

  4. Hi Christine Carter Planetary Sun emotional manifesting generator 6/3. From New Zealand, Teaching Mayan Dreamspell 26 years plus soon to be a Analyst with Human Design. they both flow so well.

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