Connections between Dreamspell 13 Moon’s and Rave’s New Year

Hi! It’s been some “time” 🙂

Links between Law of Time and Human Design always show up with surprises.

Right now (July 2017/Spectral Storm year, Cosmic Moon) we are about to enter a new year in the count of the 13 Moon Synchronometer, also called the Dreamspell count, or Wizard’s count, Peace 13 Moon Calendar, etc.

It is called a Synchronometer and not a Calendar because it’s function is to meassure Time and Synchronicity, and not only as the Calenda that came from the Roman empire where “time” meassure was applied initialy only to collect taxes, deriving into the Financial Year that goes arbitrarily from January 1st to December 31 with 12 irregular months that hide the 13th moon, ecc.

The synchronometer is defined as a device to meassure time.



Restoring Natural Time was the main purpose of Jose Arguelles’ work with the delivery of all the tools that help us recognize Time in it’s own dimension, while Ra’s work with Human Design was especially targeted to the understanding of the mechanics of space and how we can ride this human vehicles as passengers, developing Passenger Consciousness. Both magnificient works, as we are exploring here, are interrelated and complementary.

Ra used to say that if there were to be any Human Design Calendar, it would start when the Sun enters Gate 41 “Decrease”, the Gate of Contraction. That’s because Codon 41 is the only Start Codon in the DNA scripture. It starts all of the “sentences” in our binary coded bio-genetic vehicles/bodies. That happens to be every year around January 23 in the Rave Mandala.


41 as Contraction represents the fuel of hunger/desire, the void frome where the wish for a new experience will rise. It is also the limitation of resources that ensures the development of potential. It’s opposite, Gate 31 represent the collective Leadership and it’s described as the law of friction, wether active or passive,  that engenders transference and thus influence.


In the 13 Moon Synchronometer, that date happens to be Moon 7, Day 14, that’s the exact end of the first half of the year (which starts on Gregorian, July 26, a date related to the heliacal rising of Sirius). The next day to that, Jan.24 is Jose Arguelles birthday and the beggining of the second half of the year.  In these to days, the Rinri practiotioners used to “turn the magnet”. That means that in the first half of the year the North “sends” a magnet to the South, and in the second half the South sends it to the North. This was a meditation practice to help telepathically stabilize the electromagnetic field of Planet Earth. The Psi-Chrono units for these days are 130 and 131, both in the 33rd harmonic, at the void/no-codon heart of the Tzolkin matrix.

Another interesting fact is that in the Rave Mandala, when the Sun enters Gate 41, the Earth goes through it’s opposite, that is Gate 31. What this reveals is an interplay between these two “calendars” and these Gates. See:

The Human Design Year starts with Sun on Gate 41, and Earth on Gate 31, while the 13 Moon Dreamspell year starts when the Sun Enters Gate 31 with Earth on Gate 41!

So this means that what is ignited in the Sun at one pole starting the Human Design year, reaches Earth at the other pole starting the 13 Moons. And also the program of the 13 Moons reaches it’s opposite pole and gets renewed by the Sun when it hits it’s midpoint, and it’s influence on Gate 31 starts to be grounded in a new Human Design Year.

At this point we can easily feel how this two intertwine just like a DNA molecule.

Year of the Yellow Crystal Seed

So this coming (gregorian) July 26 a new 13 Moon Year (also called a Ring) initiates, coded by the kin 64, Yellow Crystal Seed. This is interesting because kin 64 is the number frequency of the DNA 64 Codon vocabulary. This is a year of Flourishing of Cooperation, and it’s Dreamspell statement goes like this

Captura de pantalla 2017-07-18 a la(s) 16.00.25


Yet there is another astonishing fact and what surprises me about it is that i’ve found it accidentaly when i was just writing this report. If you look in the DNA-64 Codons coding of the Tzolkin, you’ll see that this 31-41 axis happens to be just side to side to harmonic 33 aka the Void, and as explained in previous entry “The 13 year Wavespell of Mutation” ( when considering the fractal journey of 1 Moon=1 Kin (according to the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time), that’s where we will be on 2027, the “year of the Rave”.


More info on the coming Dreamspell year:


Best wishes to all of us!



Kin 177, Red Galactic Earth,

Mental Projector, 1/3 Rax of Maya.


The Missing Chapter: Original Author’s Afterword Chapter of “The Art Planet Chronicles” by José Argüelles, Valum Votan

Tortuga 13:20

Afterwords The Art Planet Chronicles Original Author’s Afterword Chapter of “The Art Planet Chronicles”, released in 1996 by José Argüelles and Planet Art Network. This beautiful Chapter of Planet Art History is the only existing autobiography of Valum’s Prophetic Ministry but it was sadly removed from the 2014 publication of F.L.T.

The Art Planet Chronicles: The Making of the Fifth Ring


It was almost sixteen years ago that I met a beautiful woman, still in her late 30s, exactly when I needed to meet her. It doesn’t even seem right to say that I met her, for that assumes too much control on my part, yet so it was. Let’s just say that we came together as we were meant to, and my life was never to be the same again.

I had just turned 42, and was a downwardly mobile professor of art history who had just finished with a…

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The Human Design System and the Law of Time

This report is a summary written to be presented in the Crystal Moon Noos-Letter of the Fundation for the Law of Time

twin systems
9 Center Beings

In the year 2013, the Dreamspell target of launching Timeship Earth 2013 was reached, and a New Beam coming from the Source launched Velatropa 24.3 Planet Earth. In the micro- fractal of my life I found the Human Design System, or it found me.

I had heard about it a few years earlier, but my daughter was born in 2011, and I never had enough time to investigate it. But this time when I saw a video addressing the Projector Type, of which I am one, it really touched me deeply, like a calling. Since then i started to gather all the information i could like audio files, videos and books.

I met people through the Internet, joined groups, had my chart read, and the information I was getting was so incredibly precise, that I wanted to find out more. The first thing that caught my attention was that it seemed to be a system of synthesis that, as it is presented, combines elements of astrology with the 64 I Ching hexagrams/DNA Codons, as well as a mutation of the Hindu chakra system, elements of the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, and exoteric sciences such as genetics, biochemistry, quantum physics. All of this is combined into a deep and fascinating cosmology that describes the universe (or bi-verse according to Ra, the founder) from its creation and all the way to what is called the Mechanics of the Maia. The Human Design System is based on the principle of Form Consciousness, and it is also called The Science of Differentiation.

Since 2001 I was fully immersed in the study and practice of the Law of Time, and I felt there must be a way to integrate Human Design, starting with the 64 Hexagrams which both systems include as the alphabet of our DNA. As I started to go deep into the realm of Human Design, I became fascinated.

When I first got my Rave Chart (you can get yours for free at, its basic description resonated deeply within me. Basically, there is a cosmology that describes 4 different types of aura mechanics called Generator, Projector, Manifestor and Reflector. But this is only the beginning. There are many different levels of differentiation that help you to perceive more  accurately and discover your uniqueness as a differentiated being, what makes you to be you and none else, and to learn how to operate correctly according to it. Your design is very much like your genetic fingerprint, and to operate correctly means that decisions are no longer made by your conditioned homogenized mind, but instead, by following your Strategy and Authority, which are derived from your particular configuration.  This configuration when studied, leads you into resonance with your form and gives an understanding of how you are designed to meet the world. This way you make sure that your decisions are in alignment with your personal trajectory and that they are not the byproduct of what you have been conditioned to think that you should or should not do or become.

Once the mind is freed from a job that is not appropiate for it, making decisions, it is released to perform what it is best at: To develop a unique awareness and be of service to others as Outer Authority.


In my research I learned that this system was transmitted to Ra Uru Hu through what he describes as the “Encounter with the Voice “( between January 3rd to 11th, 1987. Ra said that it came from the same Supernova SN1987 that Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan called Quetzalcoatl in The Mayan Factor. I saw that, like Votan, Ra was also recognized as a messenger that brought a deep and complex system of synthesis for the age of the development of mind. Like Votan, Ra also produced a big movement of people  that followed the teachings he was delivering. I was surprised to find that Ra’s galactic signature is kin 251 Blue Self existing Monkey (This is Votans kin equivalent in the Synchronotron system).
Ra 2011Both the Law of Time and the Human Design systems were mainly transmitted between 1987 and 2011. I was surprised again to learn that Ra departed this world only 11 days before Votan, on March 12, 2011 (just one day after Fukushima) on kin 78 White Cosmic Mirror, which is associated with Mars and is also the  sum of the tones of the 13 clear signs of Pakal Votan’s sarcophagus lid.

I saw that just as Votan got revelations about the nature of Time, Ra’s system is deeply rooted in Space,. I wondered: What is Time and Space if not mental constructs that are derived from the same unified field of what we call reality?

Human Design is a binary system, which you can also understand by contemplating the I Ching wheel where Space and Time are complementary to each other. I reflected that both of these incredible systems of information were like twin systems, a binary pair.Kali

Just like Yoga is union attained by the unification of the polarities, I  felt there was some kind of Yoga in integrating the Time oriented system of the Law of Time, with the Space oriented system of Human Design.  Of course, just like in the Yin/Yang symbol, both Space and Time, the Law of Time and the Human Design System are a different lens to the same reality, and both share a common goal: To bring awareness and help humans in this stage of our evolution.

What I also learned was that just as the Dreamspell cosmology provides keys and matrixes that help organize a society based on the right construct of fourth-dimensional time, so the Human Design System contains very precise keys to organize ourselves according to the mechanics of Space. While Dreampsell cosmology goes from the collective awakening to the individual (by changing the calendar and utilizing timecodes), Human Design goes first to the individual, teaching you how to operate correctly and make decisions according to your type. From there a harmonious future society could be created. When we integrate these two systems, we’ll see that we have been delivered an incredible set of keys, both for the individual level as well as for the collective. These systems combined provide routes and maps for time and space to get to a better organization of our societies through improving our relationships, between each other and to the whole. The meeting point is Synchronization, or Serendipity as Ra described it.

mandala y brujula

In other words, just as in the Law of Time we are provided with a set of coordinates that help us to function together properly by aligning with fourth-dimensional time, Human Design provides us  with the keys that allow us to operate correctly within our own vehicle/form  body.  In the end we could have both Space and Time, Body and Mind, operating synchronically and aligned to a greater order, a multi-dimensional cosmos, that we can read both from the Harmonic Module/Tzolkin and the 13 Moon Synchronometer and in the Rave Mandala where the celestial bodies (9 planets, Sun, Moon, and nodes) are tracked while they spin around the 64 Codons wheel that program our DNA.

When I crossed the gate of the Yellow Galactic Seed (2013) and found this, my feeling was that somehow the future comes from the past, and for people coming from the Law of Time teachings and being able to enter the Human Design experiment or vice-versa, it would look like an eight/infinity shaped time loops in which my past is your future and my future is your past. At least this was my experience, that only affirmed  that these complementary systems when put together created an intersection where everything we need to evolve and to navigate in this particular moment in our evolution is already here. It is only a matter to fully live it and make it real. So we can stop expecting for anything else to come and start driving the ship that’s already here and now and we’re part of it. The destiny is in our hands, we have the time maps, but we’ll only get there if we can operate correctly by being our authentic self. Whhen I get closer and closer to my own particular differentiated time-space awareness, then I wondered how is it possible that these two magnificient agents of the divine (Votan and Ra) did not meet in life to match their revelations and how wonderful it could have been! I know the answer is that the legacy is now in our hands. So when I found  myself working with both of these systems or streams of information, I knew there was so much to do in order to integrate them appropriately, and I could not do it alone, so I created a blog and a Facebook group to invite others to join me in this open research. Both the blog and the group have versions in english and spanish, here you will find the first bundle of reports I wrote about it and hopefully join with your own perceptions as well.

Ra y Votan

Since then, a few of us, coming both from one “side” and the other, started to join and exchange visions and experiences, as well as study material, etc.  It’s funny as I  always have this sentence of that old movie in my head “If you build it, they will come” (Kevin Costner, Field of Dreams, 1989). So here are the links:


in English:

in Spanish:

Facebook Groups

Galactic Human Design:

La Ley del Tiempo y el Diseño Humano:

Also this past summer (south) during the Worldbridger Wavespell we had a Kin Gathering here at the Moon Zone in Argentina, Epuyen, and here’s a video of a talk where i introduced the Human Design System on day kin 73:



Holonomya Part I


Hello everyone,

Since January, which is summer here in the Southern Hemisphere, Resonant Moon in the 13 Moon Count, I moved to the South of Argentina, and rent a small little house at the Patagonian most peaceful and quiet landscapes.

Away from cities and big towns, I have no internet connection, and I lost contact for a while with a few groups and pages I was participating in or administrating.  I was busy taking care of different things simultaneously and up until now I haven’t found the time necessary to write an entry to this blog.

Anyway, Time is Art and here I am.

Amongst the things I’ve been doing in order to accommodate my life to this new instance, two of my main concerns have been the translation of Human Design texts to Spanish and the edition of the new 13 Moon Almanac for the coming year of the White Planetary Wizard. Merging these systems keeps happening as a natural consequence in my life steps, and so I’ll keep sharing this open research here. Now, regarding these, take a look at what I just saw:

The Dreamspell’s Human Holon and the Rave Bodygraph are in clear resonance. It starts at the center; Heart/Transduce says in the Holon, the G-Center as it is called in Human Design. It looks like a twisted square but as Ra said it is an Octahedron, and we know from the work of Valum Votan that he presented the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge meditation where you visualize an Octahedron at the center of the Earth, and place it in your heart.

In the Human Design Mandala, the G Center has the particularity of holding the eight doors that mark both the beginnings of the Quarters, Gates 1,2,7,13 from the Cross of the Sphinx, and the Solstice/Equinox Gates 25,15,46 and 10 from the Cross of the Vessel of Love. We also see that it has a small little triangle right next to it, which is actually the Heart Center, or Ego.

Then we have two squares in the Holon and three squares in the Bodygraph. Some differences between them. The Human Holon is said to be the fourth-dimensional body of the human united to the Planet. The Planet Holon has five centers or chakras, so this Human Holon works with only the 5 main centers and not the 7 classical chakras or the 9 expanded version as in the Bodygraph where, as a result of a mutation initiated in 1781 depicts a Human Design based on 9 centers. Still, the Root center appears to be a square in both of them, and so does the throat.

Above, there’s a circle for the Crown chakra in the Human Holon, while we have a pair of opposites triangles in the Design, one for the Head (actually it works different to what a Crown chakra is supposed to be) and one for the Ajna, which is close to the Ajna or 3rd eye chakra from the hindu tradition, but with the inner circuitry peculiarities containing two collectives circuits (one logical and one abstract) related two both eyes, and an inner Individual circuit which is acoustic (it functions more as a third ear than a third eye, Ra said) but we’ll talk about that in future posts.

And then the lower circle, the Solar Plexus in the Human Holon, opens in three different centers in the Human Design Bodygraph: Spleen, Sacral and Solar Plexus, from Left to Right.

And of course, on the side of the Human Holon we also have the twenty Solar Tribes, one to every finger and toe, connected also to the Heart, or G-Center why not. It makes sense. The G Center is said to be the place of the Magnetic Monopole, a one pole magnet that unifies our unconscious (design) and conscious (personality) perspectives into one single juxtaposition that creates your experience of navigation through this plane.

The Human Design System has brought all the information related to the mechanics of Space through which our aura operates, and amazingly, the Law of Time systems has done so, but instead it was focused on the Time coordinates (Celestial Harmonics), that inform our Holon from the 5th dimension downwards.

Space is for the Body what Time is for the Mind.

Here are your maps to navigate them both, simoultaneously.

What a Trip!

Arcoiris Circumpolar

to be continued….

The 13 Year Wavespell of Mutation

Hello again!

I was walking on the street and some thinking took my mind, and suddenly i was brought to a very interesting point in Time/Space, July 25, 2027, Day Out of Time, kin 73 Red Galactic Skywalker, guided by my Galactic Signature kin 177 Red Galactic Earth, to happen between Moon kin 130 and 131, while in the middle of the Mystic Column, Harmonic 33, The Void, No Rune, No Codon, No Time, No Space, thus, Mutation.

To reach that point is a sort of Time Travel, here’s the map:

As we’ve seen in a previous post, the Tzolkin or Harmonic Module as it is called in the Dreamspell, is a Time Measuring Device, a fourth-dimensional matrix that’s made of 13 rows and 20 lines, with an inner script of 20 sequences of 13 tone each, called Wavespells. Every unit is called kin. Cosmologically, every kin is the combination of one of 20 Solar Seals and one of 13 Galactic tones. Also, every kin belongs to one of 13 harmonic runs (columns), one of the 20 Wavespells (13 tone each), one of the 52 chromatics (a sequence of five kin that starts and ends with the same color), and one of 65 harmonics (four consecutive kin that goes from Red to Yellow), and so on…


The Wavespell

Every wavespell is characterized by its opening gate or first “Magnetic” tone of Purpose, which gives all the rest of the 13 tones an imprint of purpose and unity; they all work together around that particular theme. For example, today (when I started writing this) is kin 153, Red Planetary Skywalker, and that’s the 10th tone of the Yellow Seed Wavespell that started on kin 144 nine days ago with its first tone being the Yellow Magnetic Seed.


Time Travelling

We are also in the first day of the 39th harmonic that goes until kin 156 Yellow Cosmic Warrior. That’s why it is called Cosmic Output “Express the Intelligence of Presence”.  Every harmonic is, at the same time coded by one of the 64 Codons or Hexagrams, and one of 64 UR Runes, the Codon activates the third-dimensional organic body –or instinct, while the rune does it on the fourth-dimensional etheric body, or telepathy. This current Harmonic 39 is coded with Rune/Codon 55, in Law of Time terms named Wisdom Arousing: Telepathy Becomes Time Travel.


This Codon 55 happens to be the gate where the mutation announced by Ra is taking place, transforming our emotional awareness. In Human Design, Gate 55 is located on the Solar Plexus.  According to Ra, this mutation that initiated in 1781 with the discovery of Uranus will be complete on the year 2027, its first Plutonian cycle since, when the Global Cycle “needle” moves (backwards) from Gate 37.1 to Gate 55.6.

gate 55

Mutations, 2012 and 2027

Please watch the first section of Design Perspectives 003 and 007 here before continue reading so you understand better what this Mutation and Global Cycles are about:

(You can also watch episode 005 and 009 to get nice complementary information)

And Oh! Please, if you didn’t yet, you can also watch episode 072, where in the first part Alokanand Diaz talks about Gate 54 (Red Queen’s Personality Sun) and after that, Ra Uru Hu talks about the meaning of 2012 from a Human Design Perspective! Juicy!

Please note the influence of number 9 in the coding of these, episode 72 (8×9), Gate 54 (9×6), inverse to 45 (9×5), the 9 Center Being, and remember, we are in the year of Red Lunar Moon, that is kin 9, seal 9, tone 9 !!!


The 20 Tablets of the Law of Time

As we’ve seen in a previous post, every kin is a fractal unit of measure, and it can be stretched to different ratios of time, thus altering also the result of all the cycles where it belongs. For example if one kin is one day, then one Wavespell are 13 days and the full Tzolkin (or Galactic Spin) is 260 days, but if one kin is one week, then a wavespell will last 13 weeks, and the Galactic Spin 260 weeks.

In 1997, the 5th year of Prophecy according to the Telektonon –the game of Prophecy-, José “entered the mythical journey of the cube”, and when he came out, he brought a profound program called the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time.


In this presentation, he introduced the 64 UR Runes to match the 64 DNA Codons/I Ching Hexagrams, and he also designed a program that combines the Telektonon, the 64 Hexagrams/Runes, and the 13 tones of the Wavespell



According to the Law of Time, where t(e)=Art, where e is the 64 DNA Codons, and t the 13 tone Wavespell, when you put the biologic code as a function of time, thus, moved by the wavespell, the result is nothing more and nothing less than pure art.

From Rinri Newsletter 2.2 published in 1997:

“What are the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time?

1. The 20 Tablets of the Law of Time constitute an entirely new system of knowledge which in turn defines a wholly new map of the mind.This system comprehends all previous knowledge and radializes all maps of consciousness into one purposive pattern. This system of knowledge is without historic precedent. However, its two principle organizing forms of knowledge are rooted in two hitherto ununited traditions: the Mayan calendar of Mesoamerica and the I Ching (DNA Code) of China. The unification in time of these two orders of knowledge in the 20 Tablets is more than just the sum of the two systems, but is categorically the total infrastructure of the knowledge defined as the fourth dimension. This is an accomplishment which had defied historic man until this evolutionary moment.”

(Read the full text at


Codon mutated byWavespell, Space transformed by Time

How does it work? (See image above as an example) Take one hexagram and put it in tone 1, then mutate its first line from the bottom, that’s step 2, then mutate the 2nd line of that hexagram, and that’s step 3; when you reach the 7th step, you have mutated the full hexagram, so you get to its opposition, the law of the 7th inverse, as Jose called it, and then you go back to the first line and do it all again, until you reach the 13th tone, bringing it back to its original form.

So when you combine the 64 hexagrams with the 13 tone wavespell, you get a total of 64×13=832 mutations. Now consider that 832 is also 16×52. As 16 is the number of the Cube of the Law and 52 the number of weeks in a year. In 1997 a 16 years meditational program was started to be completed, initially, in 2013.


16 year of the Cube of the Law

From 1997 to 2013, we would work with four Codons a year, one per quarter. Every quarter has 13 weeks. Every week, one mutation, one tone of the wavespell. So we had one hexagram every week, for a total of 832 weeks in 16 years, or 64 quarters/codons to mutate.


Also, every week, we would meditate one line a day, building a cube around us in a meditation called Cubing the Cube, and placing the correspondent Rune in the 7th day.  That adds to a total of 832×7=5824 cube meditations in 16 years, or 364×16. If we add the meditation on the Day out of Time we get to the number 5840 or 16×365.


1 Moon=1 kin, 1 Year = 1 Wavespell

So when this program started, a parallel count started too. This sequence was placed on the Telektonon’s Cube, 16 steps/16 years, and the exit to the Tower of Navigation in the year 2013. So 1997 in the 20 Tablets Cronograph, represented the Dragon Wavespell in the Tzolkin, where every Moon corresponded to kin 1 to 13. The second year we moved to the Cube of the Wind, and the Wavespell of the Wizard, and so on…

In this way, when we reached the year 2012, we entered the last step in the Cube 16, Wavespell of the Warrior, getting to it’s last 13th tone in the Cosmic Moon of the Blue Resonant Storm year, 64 Codons cubed, Cube of the Law complete, and then reaching the Tower of Navigation in 7.26.2013, Year of the Yellow Galactic Seed.


Green Central Castle of Enchantment

In the Dreamspell, four Wavespells of 13 kin each, create a Castle of 52 kin. This is one of the great teachings about fractal time contained there. Just as the daily kin sequence follows a pattern that goes Red, White, Blue, Yellow, in the same way, the Wavespells follow the same pattern, Red, White, Blue and Yellow, and so the castles do, except that there is a 5th Castle with color Green the power of the 5th force that moves the 4.


So following the sequence since 1997, 16 years, 16 wavespells, the first four years (1997-2001) we travelled through the Red Eastern Castle of Turning, then to the White Northern Castle of Crossing (2001-2005), the Blue Western Castle of Burning (2005-2009) and the Yellow Southern Castle of Giving (2009-2013).

This means that we are now going through the Green Central Castle of Enchantment.

Red Moon Wavespell (2013-2014), currently at the White Wind Wavespell (2014-2015), Blue Eagle Wavespell (2015-2016) and we will complete the full Galactic Spin with the Star Wavespell (2016-2017).

This also means that on 7.26.2017 we enter a new Galactic Spin, back to the Red Castle and to the Dragon Wavespell.

2027 Mutation Galactivation

As I was following this reasoning, I wonder then, where will we be at in 2027 from this perspective? I was very surprised to find out, that in the year 2027, we will be in the Blue Castle, going from the Mirror Wavespell to the Monkey Wavespell, and that’s exactly the middle of the Harmonic Module called the Mystic Column! More precisely, from January 2027 to December 2027, approximately, we will be between Moon kin 123 Blue Rythmic Night and Moon kin 136 Yellow Rithmic Warrior.


That also means that between 5.30.2027 and 9.19.2027, that is Red Galactic Moon year’s Crystal(12) and Cosmic(13) Moons and White Solar Wizard Magnetic(1) and Lunar(2) Moons, we’ll go through Moon kin 129-132,Harmonic 33, the Self Hidden Center of the Harmonic Module, Coded by no rune, no hexagram, the point of the Time/Space mutational pulse.

la 33

And by last, if we go right to the middle of it, in 2027 Day Out of Time, that’ll be the day, kin 73 Red Galactic Skywalker, hidden power of the Yellow Rythmic Star (Galactic signature that codes the transmission of Cosmic Science from where the UR Runes come), and guided by kin 177 Red Galactic Earth, and that’s the Galactic Signature of myself here, writing this report. Now that’s something amazing!

doot27 copy

So, about the title of this post, I just figured out that between the Launching of Timeship Earth in 2013, if we take the year of the Yellow Galactic Seed as an extension of that momentum, the entry of the new ray of synchronicity, then we have exactly 13 years between Day Out of Time 2014 kin 8 Yellow Galactic Seed and Day Out of Time 2027 Red Galactic Skywalker, and that’s what I called the Wavespell of Mutation. We are at its very first year until July 25, 2015.

Because of the fractal properties of time, in one  wavespell, a full process can be compressed and fractalized. Note also that in February 2027, the moment Ra said that the new Rave child will start to be born, we will be at the Galactic Moon of the Red Galactic Moon year, and the 229 Red Galactic Moon, is guided by kin 73 Red Galactic Skywalker, and that will be Moon kin 125 Red Galactic Serpent, Guided by Red Galactic Moon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 2015!!! (whatever that means in this context)

Adrian, 1/3 Projector, RAX of Maya 42/32::61/62

Kin 177 Red Galactic Earth


Synchrogalactic TimeSpace Coordinates

Hello again to everyone following this research on the meeting of systems.

Every day there’s a series of coordinates we can use to place ourselves in Time and Space, beyond the mundane Gregorian Calendar which is only oriented to keep ourselves paying taxes and buying Christmas gifts every year.

Both Human Design and Law of Time provide us with maps and different layers of information that nurture our perceptions with numbers and meanings, so we can track both Space and Time shifts, and where both systems meet, more directly, is on the 64 Codon/Hexagrams of the I Ching. Both Ra and Votan applied this ancient knowledge that is in resonnance with our DNA to the integral systems they developed.

So we have the Rave Mandala in the Human Design System,


And the Harmonic Module with the DNA sequence in the Law of Time:


It is truth that both systems are enough complex already, and could take several years to integrate the complete codes into one’s daily life, but it is also truth that, for those of us who have been somehow guided in our life to meet both of them, there’s “no choice” other than look for the better ways to “combine”them.

Galactic Human Design

So this is what i like to call Galactic Human Design, as it resonates both as the Galactic branch of Human Design, and the Galactic Human’s Design, remember that as Votan announced the emergence of the Homo Noosphericus, so did Ra with the announcement of the Rave, as the result of a mutation that is igniting a  new stage in our evolution.

What i’m looking here is how every system fits into each other’s daily coordinates.

The Human Design System is more “space oriented”, while the Law of Time is obviously more focused on “Time”. As Votan said, space is to body as time is to mind. In experimenting with both systems many of us have proven that by following it’s coordinates, our life’s synchronicity improves, and we also gain access to deepest and clearer meaning of the different circunstances we have to deal with in our lifes.

The Galactic Gate or Axis

Every four days we enter into a new harmonic in the Harmonic Module. For example, if we take today’s kin, that’s kin 142 White Crystal Wind, we are in the 36th harmonic called Magnetic Input “Inform the Flowering of Purpose” and it is coded by Codon 33 “Devotion: Time meditates the synchronic order”

a33 copy

We also look at it’s radial opposite, coded in today’s hidden power to kin 142 is kin 119 Blue Lunar Storm, Harmonic 30 “Electric Matrix: Self-regulate the Universal Fire of Service”, and it is coded with Codon 19 “Wizard’s Aspiration: The way of Wielding Power shapes Space”

19 copy

This axis, these mirrored codons, also exist naturally in the Rave Mandala, where they form, along with codons 24 and 44, the Cross of Incarnation called the “Right Angle Cross of the Four Ways”:

4 caminos

So now if we look at how the Bodygraph looks right now, we see this:


We see that Gate 33 is already activated by Design’s Jupiter on line 5 “Timing” in a detriment aspect that states: The tendency to want others to participate in the selection of the timing, which can lead to confusion. Without a sense of timing, letting others in on the secret prematurely with resulting confusion. Wow! does that speak of what we’re at here?

So that would be our Galactic Gate activation into the current Bodygraph, and we can also Galactivate it’s opposite codon 19, “Approach”, The Gate of Wanting. No line in this case as it is not activated by any planet or node, but what we can say is that we have the Crystal Wind universalizing Breath through Gate 33, and the Lunar Storm, Stabilizing the Energy of Gate 19 !

What we could also do, is to track all the activations in the Rave, and locate them into the Harmonic Module, but that’s a much more complex thing to do.

The Fifth Force Oracle connects to Gates and Lines

This is Today’s Fifth Force Oracle of kin 142:


Another exercise would be to take today’s Destiny kin Crystal Wind and it’s Analogue, the Crystal Earth, as we know they are both coding Uranus, and look at what Gate and Line is Uranus activating, that is 51.1 in the Design side and 21.4 in the Personality side.

51.1 : Gate of Shock – The Arousing “Line 1: Reference-The advantage of previous crisis experience”

21.4 : Gate of hunter/Huntress – Biting Through “Line 4:Strategy-Careful appraisal of opposing forces to establish a proper response”

Today’s guide is the Wizard, coded by Maldek, doesn’t appear on the Mandala.

Tha Antipode is the Crystal Human, which codes Planet Earth , and Planet Earth is now activating Gates 35 in the Personality side and 63 in the Design’s. So this are today’s challenges:

Gate 35: Progress-Change, Line 4 “Hunger-the insatiable appetite for progress”

Gate 63: After Completion-Doubt. Line 6 “Nostalgia”

And by last, today’s hidden power is the Lunar Storm, coded by Pluto, who is on Gate’s 38 Line 2 and 3.

Gate 38: Opposition – The Fighter

Line 2 (Design/Unconscious) : “Politeness-Opposition that does not transgress normal codes of behavior”

Line 3 (Personality/Conscious) : “Alliance”

So, anytime you feel lost, or when following Strategy you don’t know what to do in your waiting,

here are some keys that can help you track yourself on time..and space, get some orientation, understand a little better what’s going on, lift yourself up, get out from the confusion, you know….

Time, Prophecies and Evolution

Both in the vision of the Law of Time, and Human Design systems there are tools that allow us to understand from different angles the momentum we’re at in our evolution as a species.

José Arguelles, in his deep research, understood that the Mayan Long Count, comprised by 13 baktun of 144,000 days each, fits perfectly into the Tzolkin (Sacred Count), the 13:20 Frequency matrix made of 260 unit called kin, where every kin can take different proportional values according to the frame of time that is being measured.

For example, if every unit/kin worth a day, the complete cycle lasts 260 days; but if every unit/kin worth a moon (28 days) the whole cycle is 260 moons, and if every unit/kin worth a year, then the complete cycle is 260 years long.

In this way, if every unit/kin is assigned with a value of 20 years, then each column of 20 kin would have a value of 20×20=400 years, and the complete cycle of 260 kin (13 columns of 20 kin each) would be of 400×13=5200 years.

The Long Count

The long count is written with 5 positions, from left to right, where every position counts cycles of the following position. The first day of the long count, as carved in stone, dates from year 3113 b.c and is coded as, the next day should be

So the first position in the right counts the day, and it goes in 20 days cycles. The next position to the left counts Vinals, is how these 20 day cycles are called. In this way when reaching our first Vinal we would be on day and then start the new one at, and so on…

The following position, the one in the middle, counts Tun, that’s the word for 360 day years, comprised by 18 Vinal of 20 day each + 5 days of Uayeb that are not incorporated into this count in order to keep the mathematics of time based on 13, 20(4×5) and particularly 9.

In this way, going from one year to the next would look like going from and then

The following position to the left counts Katun, that’s 20 Tun (year) cycles and then the first position to the left counts Baktun, which are 13 cycles of 20 Katun each (if we take 13 as the Alpha-Omega in the wheel of time)

So the writing of the Long Count would be like this:


13 Baktun, where every Baktun counts…

20 Katun, and each Katun counts…

20 Tun, made of…

18 Vinal, each with…

20 kin

In this way, one Vinal are 20 kin (days)

One Tun are 18 Vinal (x 20 kin=360 days)

One Katun are 20 tun, or 360 Vinal or 720 kin

One Baktun are 20 katun, 400 tun (years), 72000 Vinal o 144.000 kin/days.

“After this, I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, so that no wind would blow on the earth, or on the sea, or on any tree. I saw another angel ascend from the sunrise, having the seal of the living God. He cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given to harm the earth and the sea, saying, “Don’t harm the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, until we have sealed the bondservants of our God on their foreheads!” I heard the number of those who were sealed, one hundred forty-four thousand, sealed out of every tribe of the children of Israel” Apocalypses 7, 1-4

It’s very interesting to contemplate this quote from St.John’s Apocalypses in Cap.7 ver 4 (7×4=28, Lunar cycle)

13 Baktun, harmonic cycle of history

So when we take the 13 Baktun, and put it over the Tzolkin, the 13:20 frequency sacred matrix, where every unit/kin equals one Katun (400 tun/years), each column of 20 Katun equals one Baktun(144,000 kin/days) and the full cycle is made of 1,872,000 days.

In this way we obtain the “Harmonic Cycle of History“, placing the beginning of the Long Count (-3113) in the position of kin 1 and completing the cycle in the last day 12.21.2012 at kin 260 written in the Long Count as being followed by 12.22.2012 kick-starting the New Cycle (to be completed in 7147)

Ra Uru Hu, the Voice, and the Rave Cycles

On the other hand, according to what The Voice had revealed to Ra Uru Hu and following the Rave Mandala, we would be also completing a stage in our evolution cycles. When we look at the wheel, the movement of celestial bodies goes counter-clockwise, except for retrograde movements and Moon Nodes which move in opposite direction.

Same happens with the ( , as we know from traditional astrology, where we would be now in the transit between the Age of Piscis to the Age of Acuarius,

 In terms of the Human Design System this is measured by gates and lines. Ra said we are now in  the Cross of Planning, which is formed by the 9-16 and the 37-40 axis, more precisely in the line 1 of Gate 37 and transiting to line 6 of Gate 55 and the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix.

Cross of Planning

Gate 37 is The Family, or the gate of “Friendship” as it is called in the Rave I Ching.

Gate 37’s 1st line is “Mother/Father”, we have entered it since 1961 and it describes “Harmony is the key to the successful maintenance of relationships. It is only through harmony that the beauty and the values of the family can endure. Friendship that is rooted into sensitivity and ensures harmony. No polarity.

Combining meassures, prophetic visions

In this way we have here two different measures that give us an idea very close to each other about the times of change that we are transiting. It is very interesting to observe in the Harmonic of History, that the last column, Baktun 13, starts in the year 1618 and ends in year 2012. So we would have already entered the New Cycle’s first Katun (400 years), in the position of kin 1 Red Magnetic Dragon, that indicates a theme of Birth for the next 400 years and the first harmonic -kin 1 to 4- that is coded by Codon 1 Creative Genesis, tlaking that even until year 3612 (Selfexisting Seed) we are in a period of Flourishing of the Form.

And the information delivered by Ram the cycle of Gate 37 which has started in the year 1610 (8 years before the beginning of the last Baktun) will be completed in the year 2027, with the entry into Gate 55 and the mutation it brings, the arrival of a new type of being called the Rave, whose emotional system -mainly- will function very different to ours. This happens naturally when we are already in the 15th year of the New Cycle according to the Tzolkin.

From 2012 to 2027 and the Rave children

Not only did not the world explode in 2012, we didn’t see the apocalypse that was announced neither the skies descended on Earth in one day, but there’s no doubt that we are at a times in which all humanity in one way or another is experiencing some sort of transition. The current civilization’s system gives signs of fall every day, and the dramatic events of the towers in 2001 had undoubtedly place us right in the context of the “end of times”.

Nonetheless, in the measures of the cosmic cycles that are contained in the prophetic visions of Dr.Arguelles as well in the information that The Voice transmitted to Ra (where it announced amongst other things that the subatomic particles called do carry mass, something that Quantum Physicists confirmed some years later after Ra’s statements) we are told to be on the verge of a new cycle, the famous and commonly over-interpreted New Age, the Age of Aquarius, a new 13 Baktun cycle (or according to a different interpretation an extension of the 13 baktun count to Baktun 20, to be completed in the year 4772) and with that, the arrival of the Rave, what Arguelles called Homo-Noosphericus, where according to the Human Design System we will be able to start noting the development of the Emotional Consciousness, in the Solar Plexus center, carrier of Gate 55, the one that is producing the mutation since 1781, year of the discovery of Uranus, when we left the 7 chakra system and started living as 9 Center beings and into “Form consciousness”.

Note: Also did José Arguelles include a concept of an eighth and ninth chakras in his work, specifically in the Mystery of the Stone where, to the 7 known chakras 2 more were added as the Root of Root chakra (connection to the Heart of Earth) and Crown of Crown (connection to the Noosphere or Planetary Mind), nonetheless in the Human Design system transmitted by Ra Uru Hu, this takes a totally different dimension, at including all the circuits, channels and gates that interconnect the 9 centers, where we learn no to take any more decisions from the mind and the conscious personality learns to sit back as the passenger of the vehicle, driven by the Magnetic Monopole that is situated at the G Center. We will also develope in further posts this topic to which Arguelles referred as the Quantinomio Citobárico, and that’s another of the announcements that the Voice made to Ra but this one hasn’t yet been confirmed by the “scientific community”


Stephanie South/Red Queen’s Chart

Red Queen’s Chart

rq rave prop

Hello Everyone, let us continue with our research on Human Design and the Law of Time.

After having gone through José Arguelles/Valum Votan’s chart, today we’ll have a look to her apprentice and partner and co-writer of the Cosmic History Chronicles, Stephanie South also known as the Red Queen.

Just remember that this is a generic excercise, and anything you’d like to add or discuss about this intuitive analyse, you’re most welcome to add your comments below.

And please beware English is not my mother tongue, i’m from Argentina, so if there’s any gramatical observation you’d like to share, please write to me (private he he)…



4/6 Emotional Generator

Stephanie South/Red Queen’s chart shows a Generator Type with a 4/6 Profile and a defined Solar Plexus, that is an Opportunist/Role Model Emotional Generator.

As a Generator she is a worker and she is in the world to experience Satisfaction with the work she does, while making decisions in Response and knowing herself through the Sacral answers she gives (“Ahaa” or “Uh-Uh”)  to whatever life brings to her, people, jobs, places, plans, adventures, ecc, which are continuously attracted  by her Open and Enveloping Generator Aura.


A defined Solar Plexus Center gives her an Emotional Authority, which adds to her Generator Strategy of “Waiting to Respond”, an emotional wave that requires to process her main decisions through it, the necessary time until after one or several ups and downs, observing things from different emotional angles, and when the tides are low,  a clear response shows up.

As every Generator she might have been conditioned and taught to “Initiate” things as a Manifestor would, leading her to her not-self theme of Frustration, instead of doing what’s natural in her Aura Type, which is her Strategy of Waiting to Respond. This is how the Sacral better works and interacts with the whole, generating the frequency of Life itself. As they say, No Generators, no life.

This conditioning is mostly articulated by the Not-Self through her Open Centers (Head, Ajna and Throat), trying to call for attention, to try to answer everyone’s questions, and to pretend to be certain. In occasions, she might feel this pressure coming through her Open Head to work on questions that are not relevant to her life, and she still will try to call for attention to prove she is certain in what she has to say about it, and so forth, and so on, but this is all Not-Self.

Once she engages in her Strategy , she learns to make decisions in Response with her Sacral, dismissing not-self pressure, and through her Authority she learns to enter the right situations correctly.

Once she is aligned with her auric geometry (and I’m not saying she is not, this is only a generic analyse of her chart), she learns to live her uniqueness, and to express and share the particular nuances of her Design, which we’ll get to explore a little bit now:


54/32 – Transformation


She has a conscious definition (black color=Personality), at channel 54/32, which combined with her 4th   line personality, might give us an idea of how she sees herself. Channel 54/32 is called the Channel of  Transformation “a design of being driven”. This is a Tribal channel that links the Root with the Spleen  Center.

Now let us quote from The Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnel and Ra Uru Hu: “it  represents ambition fueled by consistent effort, and motivated by the desire to be recognized in order to better  one’s position in life.”

Keep in mind that this is a projected channel, and that’s why it works better under recognition. “The potential awareness of what can and cannot be transformed, sometimes distorted by a fear or failure, is driven by the fuel of social interactions that can move one up the ladder.”

Gate 32 is always on the lookout for talent. It is driven by the fears that it’s tribe may not be able to compete with the best….This recognition of the fragility of the Tribe’s existence shapes channel 54-32’s ambition; it’s desire to rise up and transform. There is also a mystical thread, the thread of spirit, woven into it through gate 54’s 4th line: Enlightment/Endarkment, the fuel for transformation at it’s purest level

Gate 54.4 is actually the Personality Sun-and as such a main life’s theme- on RQ’s chart, called the most mystical of all lines, and described as:

The Alpha and Omega. The end and the beginning. There is no description possible. Each planet will manifest this energy uniquely with absolutely no guarantee that it’s effects will even be perceived. However, the potential is always there. The fuel for transformation at it’s purest level. No Polarity. No specific planetary accent.

58/18 – The right patterns

Another conscious definition in RQ’s chart is channel 58/18 in the Logic Circuitry of Understanding. This is the Channel of Judgment, “a design of insatiability”, “Gate 58 fuels our love of and vitality for life, and pressures us to want to perpetuate this energy. The insatiability of channel 18-58 is a by-product of feeling so wonderful.”…”The Channel of Judgment is like a sentry who judges if what it perceives is stopping life from being joyous for the Collective. Such judgment is based on testing patterns, and comparing what is inherently correct and workable with what has worked or not worked in the past. This sense on what needs correcting keeps society on track because Channel 58-18 wants everybody to find satisfaction in the perfected pattern. The Channel of Judgment’s underlying purpose is the purpose of Human Design; to reclaim or recover the joy and love that have been lost in living a homogenized, conditioned life.

Note that she is driven at the personality level by the Moon on 37.4 “Leadership by example” which states that any member of the family may take on a leading role through exemplary behavior. And it is an exalted aspect when powered by the moon as in this case “The manifestation of the highest principles in everyday and practical affairs. The possibility of the highest principles in all relationships resulting in a leadership role.” So now we can really see that there is no randomness at all in the place she is at today, leading the 13 Moon Peace Movement, on the legacy of José Arguelles/Valum Votan.

4/6 Opportunistic/Role Model

Add to it that she is a 4th line, the 4th line has strong capacities for influence and for telling to others what she has learned. It is called the Opportunistic as it creates opportunities based on the close brotherhood/sisterhood fraternal relationships she holds and sustain. As a 4/6, everything must come through friendship and trust to her, be it love, friendship, work, ecc. She will always feel more comfortable in intimacy and trust, or at relatively closed or small groups where she is always gifted with being of strong influence and become an example to others.

That’s also because at the Design’s unconscious level she has a 6th line, The Role Model. The 6th line is known for having three stages in life, the first 30 years until the Saturn return it acts as a 3rd line theme of trial and error-the martyr-, making bonds and breaking them, bumping into things and being bumped by them, getting in the wrong jobs, wrong places, wrong relationships, just to learn what doesn’t work. Ra has said several times that sometimes it’s a miracle that 4/6 even get to pass that phase alive and reach their second stage, because they are so easily attracted to hang out with the “bad” guys.

Now in her current Kironian phase which goes from her 30s to her 50s, she goes “up the roof” , after the first subjective stage there comes the objective, where she takes some distance to analyze all that she had gone through in her first 30 years, and distinguish what has worked from what has not. She is on the top of the house, watching the world from above, and after those initial 30 years where she could’ve had a negative feeling about life, because nothing seemed to work well, around her 29/30s –by the time she met Votan,- she starts to find a positive feeling, seeing things that do work, bonding with the right people, reaching the correct environments, engaging in the right work, ecc.

Then by the time she reaches her 50s, it is when she has already been through the subjective and the objective, and it’s finally the moment when she goes down the roof becoming a Role Model for the transcendent.

Integration channel – Self-empowerment

integSo going back to her definitions, see all that Red channel connecting 34(empowered by response),57(guided by intuition) and 10(directed by the correct behavior), that’s called the Integration Channel, and it’s a channel that “serves as the key defense mechanism of the form. Integration is the core component of the individuation process, the process of distinguishing ourselves from others.”

This channel says “I love myself and I empower myself by listening to my intuition”, or “through response, I am intuitively equipped with the right behavior to survive any circumstance.”, the gate that would complete this circuitry, which is not activated on RQ’s chart is gate 20, the gate of “in the Now”, which can lead to assume that her sense of identity transcends the present moment. All of this activation is in red by the way, that means that is activated by her design, which she has no conscious access to, and yet, she is called the Red Queen 😉

So in this channel we see that she has a strong unconscious identity, self-empowered by intuition. Look at her Design’s Moon at 10.5 “The Heretic: Direct and overt challenge to norms. The ability to succeed through the understanding and expression of higher principles. Principled behavior which directly challenges tradition.

40/37 – The Community

commAnd then on the oher side we see a definition that links gate 37(conscious, in black) to gate 40(unconscious, in red). This is a Tribal channel, the Channel of Community “a design of a part seeking a whole”, and it links Personality’s Moon 37.4 “Leadership by example” with Design’s (unconscious) Mars  40.5 “Rigidity:the recognition that to achieve liberation all negative forces must be rejected”. This channel links the Solar Plexus center to the Heart center through the gate of Friendship (37) and the gate of Aloneness (40). Gate 40 is willing to work to provide for those it loves, but it needs its rewards and its rest. Gate 37, with its gift of affection, is always looking for recognition and its place within the whole.

If defined by Channel 37-40, you are waiting to see who asks you to be part of their organization or community, or not. You are also trying to discover where you belong, or how you fit into the big picture spiritually. The correct invitation won’t come through impersonal contact though, like a phone call, but rather through some form of ‘touch’, or direct personal contact over a period of time. In the most basic sense, every human being is existentially alone and yet, for practical purposes, you are the one who forms the bridge for individuals to live in a community where all have an honored place and respected function. You understand the importance of making a good bargain, and how to seal that bargain. “I’ll do this if you’ll do that for me. Let’s shake on it, or sign here.”…”This is the highest ideal of community, and there is little evidence of hierarchy. No one feels superior or inferior because everyone willingly contributes what they can in order to be included, and to feel supported by and loyal to a group greater than themselves.

25 – The bridge

25 She has also a split definition, having the Community Channel (Tribal) on one side, and the rest of her definition, which includes the Integration Channel, the Channel of Transformation (Tribal) , and the Channel of Judgment (Collective) on the other, says that in order to integrate all of this, her sense of preservation, with being driven to transformation and her judgment to find the right patterns to perpetuate, she is always looking outside of herself for that bridge that represents Gate 25 : “Innocence – The Spirit of the Self” it represents the love of spirit, universal love, it is the gate of blood, that along with Gate 51 forms the channel of Initiation. It is described in the Rave I Ching as “The perfection of action through uncontrived and spontaneous nature”, “A gate of the Higher Self, its pivotal role is to turn people toward individuation. Your innocenc is not designed to bring love into the world in any specific way, but rather to love without discrimination.”

Being that this gate would act as a bridge in her circuitry providing her with a sense of integrity through bonding her split, this will be a constant pursuit in her life, nothing more and nothing less than Universal Love.

What is amazing about this, is that José/VV didn’t have this gate activated, which could have acted as a magnet in their relationship, but when you put their Galactic Signatures together, kin 11 + kin 185 and you get kin 196 Yellow Magnetic Warrior, this is Harmonic 49, and it’s coded in the 20 Tables Codon Harmonic Module, by no other than Codon 25! So that’s where she found her bridge and her initiation, in the Galactic plane, connecting and integrating the community with her particular individuated role.

Open Centers gift’s

opcenIn synthesis, Stephanie South/Red Queen is an Emotional Opportunistic/Role Model Generator designed to experience Satisfaction in the work she does, while making decisions in response, and taking the appropriate time to evaluate through her emotional wave the most important moves in her life.

She has open Throat, Head, and Ajna, which, when not controlled by the not self, being pushed by it to initiate, or to make decisions based on calling attention, or answer questions that are no relevant to her, or trying to prove herself certain, they act as windows to the world, and sources of knowledge. As they say, definitions are the student, and open centers are the lessons one takes, so she can get to be a great listener (open throat), and become very sensitive about what is a good idea, or thought, how inspired people are, and be influenced by that inspiration of people around her, with a capacity in her Open Mind to get in tune with other people’s thoughts and questions and ways of communicating.

Note that whenever her Head center is turned on (by some transit or by anyone’s aura with such definition) she has the Gate 61 of the Mystery, and in her Ajna Gate 11, the gate of Ideas, while in her Throat she has Gate 62 of Details, Gate 45 of The Gatherer, and Gate 35, the Gate of Change. So she will be always looking for a way to get the necessary “Return” (24) to explore Mystery, Stimulation (56) to express her ideas, or Opinions(17) so she can add the Details. But if the not-self is at work, she can be tempted to explore the unknowable, what doesn’t need to be known, or try to formulate ideas and try to express them when not invited to, or call for attention to give redundant details, gather what needs not to be gathered or long for progress (35) in situations that require more exploration.

But when she gets a sign, any stimuli that touches her, to what she acts in response, she becomes a great leader, with strong power of influence, and ultimately a transcendental role model, that if she aligns with her Strategy and Authority, and her Incarnation Cross emerges in her life (and again, I’m not saying it didn’t yet), bringing to the surface her higher purpose, she’s in the Incarnation Cross Called…


Right Angle Cross of Penetration

This is located in the Quarter of Mutation, whose theme is Purpose fulfilled through transformation, and is described as “People on the path from rags to riches who are recognized by those higher up the ladder; aligning with higher (even mystical) forces.”


I think there’s no much doubt for those of us who know her, that she is already well directed into her Incarnation Cross fulfilling her higher purpose through transformation and being recognized by those higher up the ladder such as master José Arguelles/Valum Votan.

So we’ll leave it here, and in the next posts, we will be exploring both VV and RQ’s charts, and go through her connection chart to get some hints, that help us understand better and more deeply, what was all that magical meeting about.


Thank you for reading !

Oh! by the way, a curiosity? i started writing this post yesterday, kin 98, you see, in the chart there are two calculations that you make, one is for the consciouss/personality “how do you see at yourself” for which you take the time of birth, in this case kin 185 as we already know, and the second is taken 88 degrees before and that’s the Design, when you see in the small table below the chart, for Stephanie, this date is October 13, 1972, which is actually kin 98 White Resonant Mirror.

Now if you want more synchronic fun, add 185 to 98 and you get 283, minus 260 then you get kin 23 Blue Planetary Night, which is the kin that follows the 22 White Solar Wind, or Bolon Ik :D…and is also the Galactic Signature of Pope Fransisco I !!!

NS kin 199 Blue Galactic Storm


Adrian – Kin 177 Red Galactic Eearth

Investigator/Martyr Mental Projector

On Behalf of Velatropa 24.3 and Timeship Earth’s tribe-ulation.

May Peace Be with us All.

Excersice No.3 : Stephanie South/Red Queen´s Chart

Excersice No.3 : Stephanie South/Red Queen´s Chart

Excersise 3: Here´s the chart of Stephanie South a.k.a the Red Queen, who´s been Jose Arguelles´ apprentice and partner for 10 years, and co-author of the Cosmic History Chronicles. Below is a link to a Bridgin Heaven & Earth show interview she just made. Let us watch it, and understand how is her chart working? In addition we will take both Jose and Stephanie´s charts and understand what has come out from their joint. This is most revealing and will give a perfect context in which to understand the Law of Times teachings and tools!

H&E Show:

Excersise No.2 : RaUru Hu´s Galactic Signature

Excersise No.2 : RaUru Hu´s Galactic Signature

Ok here it goes excersise 2! Ra Uru Hu’s Dreamspell’s Galactic Signature is kin 251 Blue Selfexistent Monkey, …for those who don’t know Jose Arguelles was Monkey as well (on Spectral tone). Other fact is that this signature 251 is the one that coded the 9/11 event. Monkey is the 11th seal, Jose Arguelles and Ra Uru Hu died 11 days apart. While Jose died on kin 89 (Red Spectral Moon=9.11) on March 23, 2011, Ra departed on kin 78, White Cosmic Mirror, a code wich is said to carry the memory from the “Lost World” on Planet Mars, and the sum of all the 13 key seals in Pakal Votan’s sarcophagous lid. Other most interesting fact is that Ra got his revelation day on January 3rd, 1987, the day a Supernova took place, Jose Arguelles The Mayan Factor was published on that year along with the call to Harmonic Convergence held in Aug 15/16 of that same year, and these events according to Jose were all triggered by an injection of memory delivered by the Supernova Quetzalcoatl 1987A !