Connections between Dreamspell 13 Moon’s and Rave’s New Year

Hi! It’s been some “time” 🙂

Links between Law of Time and Human Design always show up with surprises.

Right now (July 2017/Spectral Storm year, Cosmic Moon) we are about to enter a new year in the count of the 13 Moon Synchronometer, also called the Dreamspell count, or Wizard’s count, Peace 13 Moon Calendar, etc.

It is called a Synchronometer and not a Calendar because it’s function is to meassure Time and Synchronicity, and not only as the Calenda that came from the Roman empire where “time” meassure was applied initialy only to collect taxes, deriving into the Financial Year that goes arbitrarily from January 1st to December 31 with 12 irregular months that hide the 13th moon, ecc.

The synchronometer is defined as a device to meassure time.



Restoring Natural Time was the main purpose of Jose Arguelles’ work with the delivery of all the tools that help us recognize Time in it’s own dimension, while Ra’s work with Human Design was especially targeted to the understanding of the mechanics of space and how we can ride this human vehicles as passengers, developing Passenger Consciousness. Both magnificient works, as we are exploring here, are interrelated and complementary.

Ra used to say that if there were to be any Human Design Calendar, it would start when the Sun enters Gate 41 “Decrease”, the Gate of Contraction. That’s because Codon 41 is the only Start Codon in the DNA scripture. It starts all of the “sentences” in our binary coded bio-genetic vehicles/bodies. That happens to be every year around January 23 in the Rave Mandala.


41 as Contraction represents the fuel of hunger/desire, the void frome where the wish for a new experience will rise. It is also the limitation of resources that ensures the development of potential. It’s opposite, Gate 31 represent the collective Leadership and it’s described as the law of friction, wether active or passive,  that engenders transference and thus influence.


In the 13 Moon Synchronometer, that date happens to be Moon 7, Day 14, that’s the exact end of the first half of the year (which starts on Gregorian, July 26, a date related to the heliacal rising of Sirius). The next day to that, Jan.24 is Jose Arguelles birthday and the beggining of the second half of the year.  In these to days, the Rinri practiotioners used to “turn the magnet”. That means that in the first half of the year the North “sends” a magnet to the South, and in the second half the South sends it to the North. This was a meditation practice to help telepathically stabilize the electromagnetic field of Planet Earth. The Psi-Chrono units for these days are 130 and 131, both in the 33rd harmonic, at the void/no-codon heart of the Tzolkin matrix.

Another interesting fact is that in the Rave Mandala, when the Sun enters Gate 41, the Earth goes through it’s opposite, that is Gate 31. What this reveals is an interplay between these two “calendars” and these Gates. See:

The Human Design Year starts with Sun on Gate 41, and Earth on Gate 31, while the 13 Moon Dreamspell year starts when the Sun Enters Gate 31 with Earth on Gate 41!

So this means that what is ignited in the Sun at one pole starting the Human Design year, reaches Earth at the other pole starting the 13 Moons. And also the program of the 13 Moons reaches it’s opposite pole and gets renewed by the Sun when it hits it’s midpoint, and it’s influence on Gate 31 starts to be grounded in a new Human Design Year.

At this point we can easily feel how this two intertwine just like a DNA molecule.

Year of the Yellow Crystal Seed

So this coming (gregorian) July 26 a new 13 Moon Year (also called a Ring) initiates, coded by the kin 64, Yellow Crystal Seed. This is interesting because kin 64 is the number frequency of the DNA 64 Codon vocabulary. This is a year of Flourishing of Cooperation, and it’s Dreamspell statement goes like this

Captura de pantalla 2017-07-18 a la(s) 16.00.25


Yet there is another astonishing fact and what surprises me about it is that i’ve found it accidentaly when i was just writing this report. If you look in the DNA-64 Codons coding of the Tzolkin, you’ll see that this 31-41 axis happens to be just side to side to harmonic 33 aka the Void, and as explained in previous entry “The 13 year Wavespell of Mutation” ( when considering the fractal journey of 1 Moon=1 Kin (according to the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time), that’s where we will be on 2027, the “year of the Rave”.


More info on the coming Dreamspell year:


Best wishes to all of us!



Kin 177, Red Galactic Earth,

Mental Projector, 1/3 Rax of Maya.


2 thoughts on “Connections between Dreamspell 13 Moon’s and Rave’s New Year

  1. Well, it’s been awhile since a comment was left. At the time an insight to connect these dots ( HDS + 13M) happened. Looked into it and BAM! The connection was ongoing. Bravo! A couple of years later. Yet writing from the same place (Sedona Arizona USA). You were and still are onto something meaningful. Continued Godspeed in your investigation! May our paths cross in timespace! David ( ADA: Kin 160 Ahau, Self Existing Sun – Splenic Generated Self. 1/3 RAX Vessel of Love)

  2. PS HDS describes mechanics of space, 13M those of time, combined they form a binary (which matches the binary view (Biverse) and yet trinary structures and patterns are also ever present… Change and synthesis are ongoing processes. Feels like a new level of integration may arise through bringing people that can bridge these approaches together. There is more to say, but it feels enough for now. To be continued?

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