The Human Design System and the Law of Time

This report is a summary written to be presented in the Crystal Moon Noos-Letter of the Fundation for the Law of Time

twin systems
9 Center Beings

In the year 2013, the Dreamspell target of launching Timeship Earth 2013 was reached, and a New Beam coming from the Source launched Velatropa 24.3 Planet Earth. In the micro- fractal of my life I found the Human Design System, or it found me.

I had heard about it a few years earlier, but my daughter was born in 2011, and I never had enough time to investigate it. But this time when I saw a video addressing the Projector Type, of which I am one, it really touched me deeply, like a calling. Since then i started to gather all the information i could like audio files, videos and books.

I met people through the Internet, joined groups, had my chart read, and the information I was getting was so incredibly precise, that I wanted to find out more. The first thing that caught my attention was that it seemed to be a system of synthesis that, as it is presented, combines elements of astrology with the 64 I Ching hexagrams/DNA Codons, as well as a mutation of the Hindu chakra system, elements of the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, and exoteric sciences such as genetics, biochemistry, quantum physics. All of this is combined into a deep and fascinating cosmology that describes the universe (or bi-verse according to Ra, the founder) from its creation and all the way to what is called the Mechanics of the Maia. The Human Design System is based on the principle of Form Consciousness, and it is also called The Science of Differentiation.

Since 2001 I was fully immersed in the study and practice of the Law of Time, and I felt there must be a way to integrate Human Design, starting with the 64 Hexagrams which both systems include as the alphabet of our DNA. As I started to go deep into the realm of Human Design, I became fascinated.

When I first got my Rave Chart (you can get yours for free at, its basic description resonated deeply within me. Basically, there is a cosmology that describes 4 different types of aura mechanics called Generator, Projector, Manifestor and Reflector. But this is only the beginning. There are many different levels of differentiation that help you to perceive more  accurately and discover your uniqueness as a differentiated being, what makes you to be you and none else, and to learn how to operate correctly according to it. Your design is very much like your genetic fingerprint, and to operate correctly means that decisions are no longer made by your conditioned homogenized mind, but instead, by following your Strategy and Authority, which are derived from your particular configuration.  This configuration when studied, leads you into resonance with your form and gives an understanding of how you are designed to meet the world. This way you make sure that your decisions are in alignment with your personal trajectory and that they are not the byproduct of what you have been conditioned to think that you should or should not do or become.

Once the mind is freed from a job that is not appropiate for it, making decisions, it is released to perform what it is best at: To develop a unique awareness and be of service to others as Outer Authority.


In my research I learned that this system was transmitted to Ra Uru Hu through what he describes as the “Encounter with the Voice “( between January 3rd to 11th, 1987. Ra said that it came from the same Supernova SN1987 that Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan called Quetzalcoatl in The Mayan Factor. I saw that, like Votan, Ra was also recognized as a messenger that brought a deep and complex system of synthesis for the age of the development of mind. Like Votan, Ra also produced a big movement of people  that followed the teachings he was delivering. I was surprised to find that Ra’s galactic signature is kin 251 Blue Self existing Monkey (This is Votans kin equivalent in the Synchronotron system).
Ra 2011Both the Law of Time and the Human Design systems were mainly transmitted between 1987 and 2011. I was surprised again to learn that Ra departed this world only 11 days before Votan, on March 12, 2011 (just one day after Fukushima) on kin 78 White Cosmic Mirror, which is associated with Mars and is also the  sum of the tones of the 13 clear signs of Pakal Votan’s sarcophagus lid.

I saw that just as Votan got revelations about the nature of Time, Ra’s system is deeply rooted in Space,. I wondered: What is Time and Space if not mental constructs that are derived from the same unified field of what we call reality?

Human Design is a binary system, which you can also understand by contemplating the I Ching wheel where Space and Time are complementary to each other. I reflected that both of these incredible systems of information were like twin systems, a binary pair.Kali

Just like Yoga is union attained by the unification of the polarities, I  felt there was some kind of Yoga in integrating the Time oriented system of the Law of Time, with the Space oriented system of Human Design.  Of course, just like in the Yin/Yang symbol, both Space and Time, the Law of Time and the Human Design System are a different lens to the same reality, and both share a common goal: To bring awareness and help humans in this stage of our evolution.

What I also learned was that just as the Dreamspell cosmology provides keys and matrixes that help organize a society based on the right construct of fourth-dimensional time, so the Human Design System contains very precise keys to organize ourselves according to the mechanics of Space. While Dreampsell cosmology goes from the collective awakening to the individual (by changing the calendar and utilizing timecodes), Human Design goes first to the individual, teaching you how to operate correctly and make decisions according to your type. From there a harmonious future society could be created. When we integrate these two systems, we’ll see that we have been delivered an incredible set of keys, both for the individual level as well as for the collective. These systems combined provide routes and maps for time and space to get to a better organization of our societies through improving our relationships, between each other and to the whole. The meeting point is Synchronization, or Serendipity as Ra described it.

mandala y brujula

In other words, just as in the Law of Time we are provided with a set of coordinates that help us to function together properly by aligning with fourth-dimensional time, Human Design provides us  with the keys that allow us to operate correctly within our own vehicle/form  body.  In the end we could have both Space and Time, Body and Mind, operating synchronically and aligned to a greater order, a multi-dimensional cosmos, that we can read both from the Harmonic Module/Tzolkin and the 13 Moon Synchronometer and in the Rave Mandala where the celestial bodies (9 planets, Sun, Moon, and nodes) are tracked while they spin around the 64 Codons wheel that program our DNA.

When I crossed the gate of the Yellow Galactic Seed (2013) and found this, my feeling was that somehow the future comes from the past, and for people coming from the Law of Time teachings and being able to enter the Human Design experiment or vice-versa, it would look like an eight/infinity shaped time loops in which my past is your future and my future is your past. At least this was my experience, that only affirmed  that these complementary systems when put together created an intersection where everything we need to evolve and to navigate in this particular moment in our evolution is already here. It is only a matter to fully live it and make it real. So we can stop expecting for anything else to come and start driving the ship that’s already here and now and we’re part of it. The destiny is in our hands, we have the time maps, but we’ll only get there if we can operate correctly by being our authentic self. Whhen I get closer and closer to my own particular differentiated time-space awareness, then I wondered how is it possible that these two magnificient agents of the divine (Votan and Ra) did not meet in life to match their revelations and how wonderful it could have been! I know the answer is that the legacy is now in our hands. So when I found  myself working with both of these systems or streams of information, I knew there was so much to do in order to integrate them appropriately, and I could not do it alone, so I created a blog and a Facebook group to invite others to join me in this open research. Both the blog and the group have versions in english and spanish, here you will find the first bundle of reports I wrote about it and hopefully join with your own perceptions as well.

Ra y Votan

Since then, a few of us, coming both from one “side” and the other, started to join and exchange visions and experiences, as well as study material, etc.  It’s funny as I  always have this sentence of that old movie in my head “If you build it, they will come” (Kevin Costner, Field of Dreams, 1989). So here are the links:


in English:

in Spanish:

Facebook Groups

Galactic Human Design:

La Ley del Tiempo y el Diseño Humano:

Also this past summer (south) during the Worldbridger Wavespell we had a Kin Gathering here at the Moon Zone in Argentina, Epuyen, and here’s a video of a talk where i introduced the Human Design System on day kin 73:




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  1. Hello… thank you so much for all the great information. I have a question regarding human organ transplantation and harmonic resonance. Would you kindly send me an email response? Thank you very much.

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