Holonomya Part I


Hello everyone,

Since January, which is summer here in the Southern Hemisphere, Resonant Moon in the 13 Moon Count, I moved to the South of Argentina, and rent a small little house at the Patagonian most peaceful and quiet landscapes.

Away from cities and big towns, I have no internet connection, and I lost contact for a while with a few groups and pages I was participating in or administrating.  I was busy taking care of different things simultaneously and up until now I haven’t found the time necessary to write an entry to this blog.

Anyway, Time is Art and here I am.

Amongst the things I’ve been doing in order to accommodate my life to this new instance, two of my main concerns have been the translation of Human Design texts to Spanish and the edition of the new 13 Moon Almanac for the coming year of the White Planetary Wizard. Merging these systems keeps happening as a natural consequence in my life steps, and so I’ll keep sharing this open research here. Now, regarding these, take a look at what I just saw:

The Dreamspell’s Human Holon and the Rave Bodygraph are in clear resonance. It starts at the center; Heart/Transduce says in the Holon, the G-Center as it is called in Human Design. It looks like a twisted square but as Ra said it is an Octahedron, and we know from the work of Valum Votan that he presented the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge meditation where you visualize an Octahedron at the center of the Earth, and place it in your heart.

In the Human Design Mandala, the G Center has the particularity of holding the eight doors that mark both the beginnings of the Quarters, Gates 1,2,7,13 from the Cross of the Sphinx, and the Solstice/Equinox Gates 25,15,46 and 10 from the Cross of the Vessel of Love. We also see that it has a small little triangle right next to it, which is actually the Heart Center, or Ego.

Then we have two squares in the Holon and three squares in the Bodygraph. Some differences between them. The Human Holon is said to be the fourth-dimensional body of the human united to the Planet. The Planet Holon has five centers or chakras, so this Human Holon works with only the 5 main centers and not the 7 classical chakras or the 9 expanded version as in the Bodygraph where, as a result of a mutation initiated in 1781 depicts a Human Design based on 9 centers. Still, the Root center appears to be a square in both of them, and so does the throat.

Above, there’s a circle for the Crown chakra in the Human Holon, while we have a pair of opposites triangles in the Design, one for the Head (actually it works different to what a Crown chakra is supposed to be) and one for the Ajna, which is close to the Ajna or 3rd eye chakra from the hindu tradition, but with the inner circuitry peculiarities containing two collectives circuits (one logical and one abstract) related two both eyes, and an inner Individual circuit which is acoustic (it functions more as a third ear than a third eye, Ra said) but we’ll talk about that in future posts.

And then the lower circle, the Solar Plexus in the Human Holon, opens in three different centers in the Human Design Bodygraph: Spleen, Sacral and Solar Plexus, from Left to Right.

And of course, on the side of the Human Holon we also have the twenty Solar Tribes, one to every finger and toe, connected also to the Heart, or G-Center why not. It makes sense. The G Center is said to be the place of the Magnetic Monopole, a one pole magnet that unifies our unconscious (design) and conscious (personality) perspectives into one single juxtaposition that creates your experience of navigation through this plane.

The Human Design System has brought all the information related to the mechanics of Space through which our aura operates, and amazingly, the Law of Time systems has done so, but instead it was focused on the Time coordinates (Celestial Harmonics), that inform our Holon from the 5th dimension downwards.

Space is for the Body what Time is for the Mind.

Here are your maps to navigate them both, simoultaneously.

What a Trip!

Arcoiris Circumpolar

to be continued….


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