The 13 Year Wavespell of Mutation

Hello again!

I was walking on the street and some thinking took my mind, and suddenly i was brought to a very interesting point in Time/Space, July 25, 2027, Day Out of Time, kin 73 Red Galactic Skywalker, guided by my Galactic Signature kin 177 Red Galactic Earth, to happen between Moon kin 130 and 131, while in the middle of the Mystic Column, Harmonic 33, The Void, No Rune, No Codon, No Time, No Space, thus, Mutation.

To reach that point is a sort of Time Travel, here’s the map:

As we’ve seen in a previous post, the Tzolkin or Harmonic Module as it is called in the Dreamspell, is a Time Measuring Device, a fourth-dimensional matrix that’s made of 13 rows and 20 lines, with an inner script of 20 sequences of 13 tone each, called Wavespells. Every unit is called kin. Cosmologically, every kin is the combination of one of 20 Solar Seals and one of 13 Galactic tones. Also, every kin belongs to one of 13 harmonic runs (columns), one of the 20 Wavespells (13 tone each), one of the 52 chromatics (a sequence of five kin that starts and ends with the same color), and one of 65 harmonics (four consecutive kin that goes from Red to Yellow), and so on…


The Wavespell

Every wavespell is characterized by its opening gate or first “Magnetic” tone of Purpose, which gives all the rest of the 13 tones an imprint of purpose and unity; they all work together around that particular theme. For example, today (when I started writing this) is kin 153, Red Planetary Skywalker, and that’s the 10th tone of the Yellow Seed Wavespell that started on kin 144 nine days ago with its first tone being the Yellow Magnetic Seed.


Time Travelling

We are also in the first day of the 39th harmonic that goes until kin 156 Yellow Cosmic Warrior. That’s why it is called Cosmic Output “Express the Intelligence of Presence”.  Every harmonic is, at the same time coded by one of the 64 Codons or Hexagrams, and one of 64 UR Runes, the Codon activates the third-dimensional organic body –or instinct, while the rune does it on the fourth-dimensional etheric body, or telepathy. This current Harmonic 39 is coded with Rune/Codon 55, in Law of Time terms named Wisdom Arousing: Telepathy Becomes Time Travel.


This Codon 55 happens to be the gate where the mutation announced by Ra is taking place, transforming our emotional awareness. In Human Design, Gate 55 is located on the Solar Plexus.  According to Ra, this mutation that initiated in 1781 with the discovery of Uranus will be complete on the year 2027, its first Plutonian cycle since, when the Global Cycle “needle” moves (backwards) from Gate 37.1 to Gate 55.6.

gate 55

Mutations, 2012 and 2027

Please watch the first section of Design Perspectives 003 and 007 here before continue reading so you understand better what this Mutation and Global Cycles are about:

(You can also watch episode 005 and 009 to get nice complementary information)

And Oh! Please, if you didn’t yet, you can also watch episode 072, where in the first part Alokanand Diaz talks about Gate 54 (Red Queen’s Personality Sun) and after that, Ra Uru Hu talks about the meaning of 2012 from a Human Design Perspective! Juicy!

Please note the influence of number 9 in the coding of these, episode 72 (8×9), Gate 54 (9×6), inverse to 45 (9×5), the 9 Center Being, and remember, we are in the year of Red Lunar Moon, that is kin 9, seal 9, tone 9 !!!


The 20 Tablets of the Law of Time

As we’ve seen in a previous post, every kin is a fractal unit of measure, and it can be stretched to different ratios of time, thus altering also the result of all the cycles where it belongs. For example if one kin is one day, then one Wavespell are 13 days and the full Tzolkin (or Galactic Spin) is 260 days, but if one kin is one week, then a wavespell will last 13 weeks, and the Galactic Spin 260 weeks.

In 1997, the 5th year of Prophecy according to the Telektonon –the game of Prophecy-, José “entered the mythical journey of the cube”, and when he came out, he brought a profound program called the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time.


In this presentation, he introduced the 64 UR Runes to match the 64 DNA Codons/I Ching Hexagrams, and he also designed a program that combines the Telektonon, the 64 Hexagrams/Runes, and the 13 tones of the Wavespell



According to the Law of Time, where t(e)=Art, where e is the 64 DNA Codons, and t the 13 tone Wavespell, when you put the biologic code as a function of time, thus, moved by the wavespell, the result is nothing more and nothing less than pure art.

From Rinri Newsletter 2.2 published in 1997:

“What are the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time?

1. The 20 Tablets of the Law of Time constitute an entirely new system of knowledge which in turn defines a wholly new map of the mind.This system comprehends all previous knowledge and radializes all maps of consciousness into one purposive pattern. This system of knowledge is without historic precedent. However, its two principle organizing forms of knowledge are rooted in two hitherto ununited traditions: the Mayan calendar of Mesoamerica and the I Ching (DNA Code) of China. The unification in time of these two orders of knowledge in the 20 Tablets is more than just the sum of the two systems, but is categorically the total infrastructure of the knowledge defined as the fourth dimension. This is an accomplishment which had defied historic man until this evolutionary moment.”

(Read the full text at


Codon mutated byWavespell, Space transformed by Time

How does it work? (See image above as an example) Take one hexagram and put it in tone 1, then mutate its first line from the bottom, that’s step 2, then mutate the 2nd line of that hexagram, and that’s step 3; when you reach the 7th step, you have mutated the full hexagram, so you get to its opposition, the law of the 7th inverse, as Jose called it, and then you go back to the first line and do it all again, until you reach the 13th tone, bringing it back to its original form.

So when you combine the 64 hexagrams with the 13 tone wavespell, you get a total of 64×13=832 mutations. Now consider that 832 is also 16×52. As 16 is the number of the Cube of the Law and 52 the number of weeks in a year. In 1997 a 16 years meditational program was started to be completed, initially, in 2013.


16 year of the Cube of the Law

From 1997 to 2013, we would work with four Codons a year, one per quarter. Every quarter has 13 weeks. Every week, one mutation, one tone of the wavespell. So we had one hexagram every week, for a total of 832 weeks in 16 years, or 64 quarters/codons to mutate.


Also, every week, we would meditate one line a day, building a cube around us in a meditation called Cubing the Cube, and placing the correspondent Rune in the 7th day.  That adds to a total of 832×7=5824 cube meditations in 16 years, or 364×16. If we add the meditation on the Day out of Time we get to the number 5840 or 16×365.


1 Moon=1 kin, 1 Year = 1 Wavespell

So when this program started, a parallel count started too. This sequence was placed on the Telektonon’s Cube, 16 steps/16 years, and the exit to the Tower of Navigation in the year 2013. So 1997 in the 20 Tablets Cronograph, represented the Dragon Wavespell in the Tzolkin, where every Moon corresponded to kin 1 to 13. The second year we moved to the Cube of the Wind, and the Wavespell of the Wizard, and so on…

In this way, when we reached the year 2012, we entered the last step in the Cube 16, Wavespell of the Warrior, getting to it’s last 13th tone in the Cosmic Moon of the Blue Resonant Storm year, 64 Codons cubed, Cube of the Law complete, and then reaching the Tower of Navigation in 7.26.2013, Year of the Yellow Galactic Seed.


Green Central Castle of Enchantment

In the Dreamspell, four Wavespells of 13 kin each, create a Castle of 52 kin. This is one of the great teachings about fractal time contained there. Just as the daily kin sequence follows a pattern that goes Red, White, Blue, Yellow, in the same way, the Wavespells follow the same pattern, Red, White, Blue and Yellow, and so the castles do, except that there is a 5th Castle with color Green the power of the 5th force that moves the 4.


So following the sequence since 1997, 16 years, 16 wavespells, the first four years (1997-2001) we travelled through the Red Eastern Castle of Turning, then to the White Northern Castle of Crossing (2001-2005), the Blue Western Castle of Burning (2005-2009) and the Yellow Southern Castle of Giving (2009-2013).

This means that we are now going through the Green Central Castle of Enchantment.

Red Moon Wavespell (2013-2014), currently at the White Wind Wavespell (2014-2015), Blue Eagle Wavespell (2015-2016) and we will complete the full Galactic Spin with the Star Wavespell (2016-2017).

This also means that on 7.26.2017 we enter a new Galactic Spin, back to the Red Castle and to the Dragon Wavespell.

2027 Mutation Galactivation

As I was following this reasoning, I wonder then, where will we be at in 2027 from this perspective? I was very surprised to find out, that in the year 2027, we will be in the Blue Castle, going from the Mirror Wavespell to the Monkey Wavespell, and that’s exactly the middle of the Harmonic Module called the Mystic Column! More precisely, from January 2027 to December 2027, approximately, we will be between Moon kin 123 Blue Rythmic Night and Moon kin 136 Yellow Rithmic Warrior.


That also means that between 5.30.2027 and 9.19.2027, that is Red Galactic Moon year’s Crystal(12) and Cosmic(13) Moons and White Solar Wizard Magnetic(1) and Lunar(2) Moons, we’ll go through Moon kin 129-132,Harmonic 33, the Self Hidden Center of the Harmonic Module, Coded by no rune, no hexagram, the point of the Time/Space mutational pulse.

la 33

And by last, if we go right to the middle of it, in 2027 Day Out of Time, that’ll be the day, kin 73 Red Galactic Skywalker, hidden power of the Yellow Rythmic Star (Galactic signature that codes the transmission of Cosmic Science from where the UR Runes come), and guided by kin 177 Red Galactic Earth, and that’s the Galactic Signature of myself here, writing this report. Now that’s something amazing!

doot27 copy

So, about the title of this post, I just figured out that between the Launching of Timeship Earth in 2013, if we take the year of the Yellow Galactic Seed as an extension of that momentum, the entry of the new ray of synchronicity, then we have exactly 13 years between Day Out of Time 2014 kin 8 Yellow Galactic Seed and Day Out of Time 2027 Red Galactic Skywalker, and that’s what I called the Wavespell of Mutation. We are at its very first year until July 25, 2015.

Because of the fractal properties of time, in one  wavespell, a full process can be compressed and fractalized. Note also that in February 2027, the moment Ra said that the new Rave child will start to be born, we will be at the Galactic Moon of the Red Galactic Moon year, and the 229 Red Galactic Moon, is guided by kin 73 Red Galactic Skywalker, and that will be Moon kin 125 Red Galactic Serpent, Guided by Red Galactic Moon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 2015!!! (whatever that means in this context)

Adrian, 1/3 Projector, RAX of Maya 42/32::61/62

Kin 177 Red Galactic Earth



3 thoughts on “The 13 Year Wavespell of Mutation

  1. Thanks, Adrians, 226= 6.Kimi.
    Please, write to me in a private message more about your project Ra + Jose.Would it be possible to prepare for me a combinative description-design + Mayan characteristics? My birthday date is: 15/03/1948, Bulgaria, town of Plovdiv, at 0: 04 h
    Thank you, Adrian

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