Synchrogalactic TimeSpace Coordinates

Hello again to everyone following this research on the meeting of systems.

Every day there’s a series of coordinates we can use to place ourselves in Time and Space, beyond the mundane Gregorian Calendar which is only oriented to keep ourselves paying taxes and buying Christmas gifts every year.

Both Human Design and Law of Time provide us with maps and different layers of information that nurture our perceptions with numbers and meanings, so we can track both Space and Time shifts, and where both systems meet, more directly, is on the 64 Codon/Hexagrams of the I Ching. Both Ra and Votan applied this ancient knowledge that is in resonnance with our DNA to the integral systems they developed.

So we have the Rave Mandala in the Human Design System,


And the Harmonic Module with the DNA sequence in the Law of Time:


It is truth that both systems are enough complex already, and could take several years to integrate the complete codes into one’s daily life, but it is also truth that, for those of us who have been somehow guided in our life to meet both of them, there’s “no choice” other than look for the better ways to “combine”them.

Galactic Human Design

So this is what i like to call Galactic Human Design, as it resonates both as the Galactic branch of Human Design, and the Galactic Human’s Design, remember that as Votan announced the emergence of the Homo Noosphericus, so did Ra with the announcement of the Rave, as the result of a mutation that is igniting a  new stage in our evolution.

What i’m looking here is how every system fits into each other’s daily coordinates.

The Human Design System is more “space oriented”, while the Law of Time is obviously more focused on “Time”. As Votan said, space is to body as time is to mind. In experimenting with both systems many of us have proven that by following it’s coordinates, our life’s synchronicity improves, and we also gain access to deepest and clearer meaning of the different circunstances we have to deal with in our lifes.

The Galactic Gate or Axis

Every four days we enter into a new harmonic in the Harmonic Module. For example, if we take today’s kin, that’s kin 142 White Crystal Wind, we are in the 36th harmonic called Magnetic Input “Inform the Flowering of Purpose” and it is coded by Codon 33 “Devotion: Time meditates the synchronic order”

a33 copy

We also look at it’s radial opposite, coded in today’s hidden power to kin 142 is kin 119 Blue Lunar Storm, Harmonic 30 “Electric Matrix: Self-regulate the Universal Fire of Service”, and it is coded with Codon 19 “Wizard’s Aspiration: The way of Wielding Power shapes Space”

19 copy

This axis, these mirrored codons, also exist naturally in the Rave Mandala, where they form, along with codons 24 and 44, the Cross of Incarnation called the “Right Angle Cross of the Four Ways”:

4 caminos

So now if we look at how the Bodygraph looks right now, we see this:


We see that Gate 33 is already activated by Design’s Jupiter on line 5 “Timing” in a detriment aspect that states: The tendency to want others to participate in the selection of the timing, which can lead to confusion. Without a sense of timing, letting others in on the secret prematurely with resulting confusion. Wow! does that speak of what we’re at here?

So that would be our Galactic Gate activation into the current Bodygraph, and we can also Galactivate it’s opposite codon 19, “Approach”, The Gate of Wanting. No line in this case as it is not activated by any planet or node, but what we can say is that we have the Crystal Wind universalizing Breath through Gate 33, and the Lunar Storm, Stabilizing the Energy of Gate 19 !

What we could also do, is to track all the activations in the Rave, and locate them into the Harmonic Module, but that’s a much more complex thing to do.

The Fifth Force Oracle connects to Gates and Lines

This is Today’s Fifth Force Oracle of kin 142:


Another exercise would be to take today’s Destiny kin Crystal Wind and it’s Analogue, the Crystal Earth, as we know they are both coding Uranus, and look at what Gate and Line is Uranus activating, that is 51.1 in the Design side and 21.4 in the Personality side.

51.1 : Gate of Shock – The Arousing “Line 1: Reference-The advantage of previous crisis experience”

21.4 : Gate of hunter/Huntress – Biting Through “Line 4:Strategy-Careful appraisal of opposing forces to establish a proper response”

Today’s guide is the Wizard, coded by Maldek, doesn’t appear on the Mandala.

Tha Antipode is the Crystal Human, which codes Planet Earth , and Planet Earth is now activating Gates 35 in the Personality side and 63 in the Design’s. So this are today’s challenges:

Gate 35: Progress-Change, Line 4 “Hunger-the insatiable appetite for progress”

Gate 63: After Completion-Doubt. Line 6 “Nostalgia”

And by last, today’s hidden power is the Lunar Storm, coded by Pluto, who is on Gate’s 38 Line 2 and 3.

Gate 38: Opposition – The Fighter

Line 2 (Design/Unconscious) : “Politeness-Opposition that does not transgress normal codes of behavior”

Line 3 (Personality/Conscious) : “Alliance”

So, anytime you feel lost, or when following Strategy you don’t know what to do in your waiting,

here are some keys that can help you track yourself on time..and space, get some orientation, understand a little better what’s going on, lift yourself up, get out from the confusion, you know….


2 thoughts on “Synchrogalactic TimeSpace Coordinates

  1. Thank you so, so much for sharing your soul-honoring research. It is some of the most meaningful work I’ve ever encountered!!

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