Time, Prophecies and Evolution

Both in the vision of the Law of Time, and Human Design systems there are tools that allow us to understand from different angles the momentum we’re at in our evolution as a species.

José Arguelles, in his deep research, understood that the Mayan Long Count, comprised by 13 baktun of 144,000 days each, fits perfectly into the Tzolkin (Sacred Count), the 13:20 Frequency matrix made of 260 unit called kin, where every kin can take different proportional values according to the frame of time that is being measured.

For example, if every unit/kin worth a day, the complete cycle lasts 260 days; but if every unit/kin worth a moon (28 days) the whole cycle is 260 moons, and if every unit/kin worth a year, then the complete cycle is 260 years long.

In this way, if every unit/kin is assigned with a value of 20 years, then each column of 20 kin would have a value of 20×20=400 years, and the complete cycle of 260 kin (13 columns of 20 kin each) would be of 400×13=5200 years.

The Long Count

The long count is written with 5 positions, from left to right, where every position counts cycles of the following position. The first day of the long count, as carved in stone, dates from year 3113 b.c and is coded as, the next day should be

So the first position in the right counts the day, and it goes in 20 days cycles. The next position to the left counts Vinals, is how these 20 day cycles are called. In this way when reaching our first Vinal we would be on day and then start the new one at, and so on…

The following position, the one in the middle, counts Tun, that’s the word for 360 day years, comprised by 18 Vinal of 20 day each + 5 days of Uayeb that are not incorporated into this count in order to keep the mathematics of time based on 13, 20(4×5) and particularly 9.

In this way, going from one year to the next would look like going from and then

The following position to the left counts Katun, that’s 20 Tun (year) cycles and then the first position to the left counts Baktun, which are 13 cycles of 20 Katun each (if we take 13 as the Alpha-Omega in the wheel of time)

So the writing of the Long Count would be like this:


13 Baktun, where every Baktun counts…

20 Katun, and each Katun counts…

20 Tun, made of…

18 Vinal, each with…

20 kin

In this way, one Vinal are 20 kin (days)

One Tun are 18 Vinal (x 20 kin=360 days)

One Katun are 20 tun, or 360 Vinal or 720 kin

One Baktun are 20 katun, 400 tun (years), 72000 Vinal o 144.000 kin/days.

“After this, I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, so that no wind would blow on the earth, or on the sea, or on any tree. I saw another angel ascend from the sunrise, having the seal of the living God. He cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given to harm the earth and the sea, saying, “Don’t harm the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, until we have sealed the bondservants of our God on their foreheads!” I heard the number of those who were sealed, one hundred forty-four thousand, sealed out of every tribe of the children of Israel” Apocalypses 7, 1-4

It’s very interesting to contemplate this quote from St.John’s Apocalypses in Cap.7 ver 4 (7×4=28, Lunar cycle)

13 Baktun, harmonic cycle of history

So when we take the 13 Baktun, and put it over the Tzolkin, the 13:20 frequency sacred matrix, where every unit/kin equals one Katun (400 tun/years), each column of 20 Katun equals one Baktun(144,000 kin/days) and the full cycle is made of 1,872,000 days.

In this way we obtain the “Harmonic Cycle of History“, placing the beginning of the Long Count (-3113) in the position of kin 1 and completing the cycle in the last day 12.21.2012 at kin 260 written in the Long Count as being followed by 12.22.2012 kick-starting the New Cycle (to be completed in 7147)

Ra Uru Hu, the Voice, and the Rave Cycles

On the other hand, according to what The Voice had revealed to Ra Uru Hu and following the Rave Mandala, we would be also completing a stage in our evolution cycles. When we look at the wheel, the movement of celestial bodies goes counter-clockwise, except for retrograde movements and Moon Nodes which move in opposite direction.

Same happens with the (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precession) , as we know from traditional astrology, where we would be now in the transit between the Age of Piscis to the Age of Acuarius,

 In terms of the Human Design System this is measured by gates and lines. Ra said we are now in  the Cross of Planning, which is formed by the 9-16 and the 37-40 axis, more precisely in the line 1 of Gate 37 and transiting to line 6 of Gate 55 and the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix.

Cross of Planning

Gate 37 is The Family, or the gate of “Friendship” as it is called in the Rave I Ching.

Gate 37’s 1st line is “Mother/Father”, we have entered it since 1961 and it describes “Harmony is the key to the successful maintenance of relationships. It is only through harmony that the beauty and the values of the family can endure. Friendship that is rooted into sensitivity and ensures harmony. No polarity.

Combining meassures, prophetic visions

In this way we have here two different measures that give us an idea very close to each other about the times of change that we are transiting. It is very interesting to observe in the Harmonic of History, that the last column, Baktun 13, starts in the year 1618 and ends in year 2012. So we would have already entered the New Cycle’s first Katun (400 years), in the position of kin 1 Red Magnetic Dragon, that indicates a theme of Birth for the next 400 years and the first harmonic -kin 1 to 4- that is coded by Codon 1 Creative Genesis, tlaking that even until year 3612 (Selfexisting Seed) we are in a period of Flourishing of the Form.

And the information delivered by Ram the cycle of Gate 37 which has started in the year 1610 (8 years before the beginning of the last Baktun) will be completed in the year 2027, with the entry into Gate 55 and the mutation it brings, the arrival of a new type of being called the Rave, whose emotional system -mainly- will function very different to ours. This happens naturally when we are already in the 15th year of the New Cycle according to the Tzolkin.

From 2012 to 2027 and the Rave children

Not only did not the world explode in 2012, we didn’t see the apocalypse that was announced neither the skies descended on Earth in one day, but there’s no doubt that we are at a times in which all humanity in one way or another is experiencing some sort of transition. The current civilization’s system gives signs of fall every day, and the dramatic events of the towers in 2001 had undoubtedly place us right in the context of the “end of times”.

Nonetheless, in the measures of the cosmic cycles that are contained in the prophetic visions of Dr.Arguelles as well in the information that The Voice transmitted to Ra (where it announced amongst other things that the subatomic particles called http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutrino do carry mass, something that Quantum Physicists confirmed some years later after Ra’s statements) we are told to be on the verge of a new cycle, the famous and commonly over-interpreted New Age, the Age of Aquarius, a new 13 Baktun cycle (or according to a different interpretation an extension of the 13 baktun count to Baktun 20, to be completed in the year 4772) and with that, the arrival of the Rave, what Arguelles called Homo-Noosphericus, where according to the Human Design System we will be able to start noting the development of the Emotional Consciousness, in the Solar Plexus center, carrier of Gate 55, the one that is producing the mutation since 1781, year of the discovery of Uranus, when we left the 7 chakra system and started living as 9 Center beings and into “Form consciousness”.

Note: Also did José Arguelles include a concept of an eighth and ninth chakras in his work, specifically in the Mystery of the Stone where, to the 7 known chakras 2 more were added as the Root of Root chakra (connection to the Heart of Earth) and Crown of Crown (connection to the Noosphere or Planetary Mind), nonetheless in the Human Design system transmitted by Ra Uru Hu, this takes a totally different dimension, at including all the circuits, channels and gates that interconnect the 9 centers, where we learn no to take any more decisions from the mind and the conscious personality learns to sit back as the passenger of the vehicle, driven by the Magnetic Monopole that is situated at the G Center. We will also develope in further posts this topic to which Arguelles referred as the Quantinomio Citobárico, and that’s another of the announcements that the Voice made to Ra but this one hasn’t yet been confirmed by the “scientific community”



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