Stephanie South/Red Queen’s Chart

Red Queen’s Chart

rq rave prop

Hello Everyone, let us continue with our research on Human Design and the Law of Time.

After having gone through José Arguelles/Valum Votan’s chart, today we’ll have a look to her apprentice and partner and co-writer of the Cosmic History Chronicles, Stephanie South also known as the Red Queen.

Just remember that this is a generic excercise, and anything you’d like to add or discuss about this intuitive analyse, you’re most welcome to add your comments below.

And please beware English is not my mother tongue, i’m from Argentina, so if there’s any gramatical observation you’d like to share, please write to me (private he he)…



4/6 Emotional Generator

Stephanie South/Red Queen’s chart shows a Generator Type with a 4/6 Profile and a defined Solar Plexus, that is an Opportunist/Role Model Emotional Generator.

As a Generator she is a worker and she is in the world to experience Satisfaction with the work she does, while making decisions in Response and knowing herself through the Sacral answers she gives (“Ahaa” or “Uh-Uh”)  to whatever life brings to her, people, jobs, places, plans, adventures, ecc, which are continuously attracted  by her Open and Enveloping Generator Aura.


A defined Solar Plexus Center gives her an Emotional Authority, which adds to her Generator Strategy of “Waiting to Respond”, an emotional wave that requires to process her main decisions through it, the necessary time until after one or several ups and downs, observing things from different emotional angles, and when the tides are low,  a clear response shows up.

As every Generator she might have been conditioned and taught to “Initiate” things as a Manifestor would, leading her to her not-self theme of Frustration, instead of doing what’s natural in her Aura Type, which is her Strategy of Waiting to Respond. This is how the Sacral better works and interacts with the whole, generating the frequency of Life itself. As they say, No Generators, no life.

This conditioning is mostly articulated by the Not-Self through her Open Centers (Head, Ajna and Throat), trying to call for attention, to try to answer everyone’s questions, and to pretend to be certain. In occasions, she might feel this pressure coming through her Open Head to work on questions that are not relevant to her life, and she still will try to call for attention to prove she is certain in what she has to say about it, and so forth, and so on, but this is all Not-Self.

Once she engages in her Strategy , she learns to make decisions in Response with her Sacral, dismissing not-self pressure, and through her Authority she learns to enter the right situations correctly.

Once she is aligned with her auric geometry (and I’m not saying she is not, this is only a generic analyse of her chart), she learns to live her uniqueness, and to express and share the particular nuances of her Design, which we’ll get to explore a little bit now:


54/32 – Transformation


She has a conscious definition (black color=Personality), at channel 54/32, which combined with her 4th   line personality, might give us an idea of how she sees herself. Channel 54/32 is called the Channel of  Transformation “a design of being driven”. This is a Tribal channel that links the Root with the Spleen  Center.

Now let us quote from The Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnel and Ra Uru Hu: “it  represents ambition fueled by consistent effort, and motivated by the desire to be recognized in order to better  one’s position in life.”

Keep in mind that this is a projected channel, and that’s why it works better under recognition. “The potential awareness of what can and cannot be transformed, sometimes distorted by a fear or failure, is driven by the fuel of social interactions that can move one up the ladder.”

Gate 32 is always on the lookout for talent. It is driven by the fears that it’s tribe may not be able to compete with the best….This recognition of the fragility of the Tribe’s existence shapes channel 54-32’s ambition; it’s desire to rise up and transform. There is also a mystical thread, the thread of spirit, woven into it through gate 54’s 4th line: Enlightment/Endarkment, the fuel for transformation at it’s purest level

Gate 54.4 is actually the Personality Sun-and as such a main life’s theme- on RQ’s chart, called the most mystical of all lines, and described as:

The Alpha and Omega. The end and the beginning. There is no description possible. Each planet will manifest this energy uniquely with absolutely no guarantee that it’s effects will even be perceived. However, the potential is always there. The fuel for transformation at it’s purest level. No Polarity. No specific planetary accent.

58/18 – The right patterns

Another conscious definition in RQ’s chart is channel 58/18 in the Logic Circuitry of Understanding. This is the Channel of Judgment, “a design of insatiability”, “Gate 58 fuels our love of and vitality for life, and pressures us to want to perpetuate this energy. The insatiability of channel 18-58 is a by-product of feeling so wonderful.”…”The Channel of Judgment is like a sentry who judges if what it perceives is stopping life from being joyous for the Collective. Such judgment is based on testing patterns, and comparing what is inherently correct and workable with what has worked or not worked in the past. This sense on what needs correcting keeps society on track because Channel 58-18 wants everybody to find satisfaction in the perfected pattern. The Channel of Judgment’s underlying purpose is the purpose of Human Design; to reclaim or recover the joy and love that have been lost in living a homogenized, conditioned life.

Note that she is driven at the personality level by the Moon on 37.4 “Leadership by example” which states that any member of the family may take on a leading role through exemplary behavior. And it is an exalted aspect when powered by the moon as in this case “The manifestation of the highest principles in everyday and practical affairs. The possibility of the highest principles in all relationships resulting in a leadership role.” So now we can really see that there is no randomness at all in the place she is at today, leading the 13 Moon Peace Movement, on the legacy of José Arguelles/Valum Votan.

4/6 Opportunistic/Role Model

Add to it that she is a 4th line, the 4th line has strong capacities for influence and for telling to others what she has learned. It is called the Opportunistic as it creates opportunities based on the close brotherhood/sisterhood fraternal relationships she holds and sustain. As a 4/6, everything must come through friendship and trust to her, be it love, friendship, work, ecc. She will always feel more comfortable in intimacy and trust, or at relatively closed or small groups where she is always gifted with being of strong influence and become an example to others.

That’s also because at the Design’s unconscious level she has a 6th line, The Role Model. The 6th line is known for having three stages in life, the first 30 years until the Saturn return it acts as a 3rd line theme of trial and error-the martyr-, making bonds and breaking them, bumping into things and being bumped by them, getting in the wrong jobs, wrong places, wrong relationships, just to learn what doesn’t work. Ra has said several times that sometimes it’s a miracle that 4/6 even get to pass that phase alive and reach their second stage, because they are so easily attracted to hang out with the “bad” guys.

Now in her current Kironian phase which goes from her 30s to her 50s, she goes “up the roof” , after the first subjective stage there comes the objective, where she takes some distance to analyze all that she had gone through in her first 30 years, and distinguish what has worked from what has not. She is on the top of the house, watching the world from above, and after those initial 30 years where she could’ve had a negative feeling about life, because nothing seemed to work well, around her 29/30s –by the time she met Votan,- she starts to find a positive feeling, seeing things that do work, bonding with the right people, reaching the correct environments, engaging in the right work, ecc.

Then by the time she reaches her 50s, it is when she has already been through the subjective and the objective, and it’s finally the moment when she goes down the roof becoming a Role Model for the transcendent.

Integration channel – Self-empowerment

integSo going back to her definitions, see all that Red channel connecting 34(empowered by response),57(guided by intuition) and 10(directed by the correct behavior), that’s called the Integration Channel, and it’s a channel that “serves as the key defense mechanism of the form. Integration is the core component of the individuation process, the process of distinguishing ourselves from others.”

This channel says “I love myself and I empower myself by listening to my intuition”, or “through response, I am intuitively equipped with the right behavior to survive any circumstance.”, the gate that would complete this circuitry, which is not activated on RQ’s chart is gate 20, the gate of “in the Now”, which can lead to assume that her sense of identity transcends the present moment. All of this activation is in red by the way, that means that is activated by her design, which she has no conscious access to, and yet, she is called the Red Queen 😉

So in this channel we see that she has a strong unconscious identity, self-empowered by intuition. Look at her Design’s Moon at 10.5 “The Heretic: Direct and overt challenge to norms. The ability to succeed through the understanding and expression of higher principles. Principled behavior which directly challenges tradition.

40/37 – The Community

commAnd then on the oher side we see a definition that links gate 37(conscious, in black) to gate 40(unconscious, in red). This is a Tribal channel, the Channel of Community “a design of a part seeking a whole”, and it links Personality’s Moon 37.4 “Leadership by example” with Design’s (unconscious) Mars  40.5 “Rigidity:the recognition that to achieve liberation all negative forces must be rejected”. This channel links the Solar Plexus center to the Heart center through the gate of Friendship (37) and the gate of Aloneness (40). Gate 40 is willing to work to provide for those it loves, but it needs its rewards and its rest. Gate 37, with its gift of affection, is always looking for recognition and its place within the whole.

If defined by Channel 37-40, you are waiting to see who asks you to be part of their organization or community, or not. You are also trying to discover where you belong, or how you fit into the big picture spiritually. The correct invitation won’t come through impersonal contact though, like a phone call, but rather through some form of ‘touch’, or direct personal contact over a period of time. In the most basic sense, every human being is existentially alone and yet, for practical purposes, you are the one who forms the bridge for individuals to live in a community where all have an honored place and respected function. You understand the importance of making a good bargain, and how to seal that bargain. “I’ll do this if you’ll do that for me. Let’s shake on it, or sign here.”…”This is the highest ideal of community, and there is little evidence of hierarchy. No one feels superior or inferior because everyone willingly contributes what they can in order to be included, and to feel supported by and loyal to a group greater than themselves.

25 – The bridge

25 She has also a split definition, having the Community Channel (Tribal) on one side, and the rest of her definition, which includes the Integration Channel, the Channel of Transformation (Tribal) , and the Channel of Judgment (Collective) on the other, says that in order to integrate all of this, her sense of preservation, with being driven to transformation and her judgment to find the right patterns to perpetuate, she is always looking outside of herself for that bridge that represents Gate 25 : “Innocence – The Spirit of the Self” it represents the love of spirit, universal love, it is the gate of blood, that along with Gate 51 forms the channel of Initiation. It is described in the Rave I Ching as “The perfection of action through uncontrived and spontaneous nature”, “A gate of the Higher Self, its pivotal role is to turn people toward individuation. Your innocenc is not designed to bring love into the world in any specific way, but rather to love without discrimination.”

Being that this gate would act as a bridge in her circuitry providing her with a sense of integrity through bonding her split, this will be a constant pursuit in her life, nothing more and nothing less than Universal Love.

What is amazing about this, is that José/VV didn’t have this gate activated, which could have acted as a magnet in their relationship, but when you put their Galactic Signatures together, kin 11 + kin 185 and you get kin 196 Yellow Magnetic Warrior, this is Harmonic 49, and it’s coded in the 20 Tables Codon Harmonic Module, by no other than Codon 25! So that’s where she found her bridge and her initiation, in the Galactic plane, connecting and integrating the community with her particular individuated role.

Open Centers gift’s

opcenIn synthesis, Stephanie South/Red Queen is an Emotional Opportunistic/Role Model Generator designed to experience Satisfaction in the work she does, while making decisions in response, and taking the appropriate time to evaluate through her emotional wave the most important moves in her life.

She has open Throat, Head, and Ajna, which, when not controlled by the not self, being pushed by it to initiate, or to make decisions based on calling attention, or answer questions that are no relevant to her, or trying to prove herself certain, they act as windows to the world, and sources of knowledge. As they say, definitions are the student, and open centers are the lessons one takes, so she can get to be a great listener (open throat), and become very sensitive about what is a good idea, or thought, how inspired people are, and be influenced by that inspiration of people around her, with a capacity in her Open Mind to get in tune with other people’s thoughts and questions and ways of communicating.

Note that whenever her Head center is turned on (by some transit or by anyone’s aura with such definition) she has the Gate 61 of the Mystery, and in her Ajna Gate 11, the gate of Ideas, while in her Throat she has Gate 62 of Details, Gate 45 of The Gatherer, and Gate 35, the Gate of Change. So she will be always looking for a way to get the necessary “Return” (24) to explore Mystery, Stimulation (56) to express her ideas, or Opinions(17) so she can add the Details. But if the not-self is at work, she can be tempted to explore the unknowable, what doesn’t need to be known, or try to formulate ideas and try to express them when not invited to, or call for attention to give redundant details, gather what needs not to be gathered or long for progress (35) in situations that require more exploration.

But when she gets a sign, any stimuli that touches her, to what she acts in response, she becomes a great leader, with strong power of influence, and ultimately a transcendental role model, that if she aligns with her Strategy and Authority, and her Incarnation Cross emerges in her life (and again, I’m not saying it didn’t yet), bringing to the surface her higher purpose, she’s in the Incarnation Cross Called…


Right Angle Cross of Penetration

This is located in the Quarter of Mutation, whose theme is Purpose fulfilled through transformation, and is described as “People on the path from rags to riches who are recognized by those higher up the ladder; aligning with higher (even mystical) forces.”


I think there’s no much doubt for those of us who know her, that she is already well directed into her Incarnation Cross fulfilling her higher purpose through transformation and being recognized by those higher up the ladder such as master José Arguelles/Valum Votan.

So we’ll leave it here, and in the next posts, we will be exploring both VV and RQ’s charts, and go through her connection chart to get some hints, that help us understand better and more deeply, what was all that magical meeting about.


Thank you for reading !

Oh! by the way, a curiosity? i started writing this post yesterday, kin 98, you see, in the chart there are two calculations that you make, one is for the consciouss/personality “how do you see at yourself” for which you take the time of birth, in this case kin 185 as we already know, and the second is taken 88 degrees before and that’s the Design, when you see in the small table below the chart, for Stephanie, this date is October 13, 1972, which is actually kin 98 White Resonant Mirror.

Now if you want more synchronic fun, add 185 to 98 and you get 283, minus 260 then you get kin 23 Blue Planetary Night, which is the kin that follows the 22 White Solar Wind, or Bolon Ik :D…and is also the Galactic Signature of Pope Fransisco I !!!

NS kin 199 Blue Galactic Storm


Adrian – Kin 177 Red Galactic Eearth

Investigator/Martyr Mental Projector

On Behalf of Velatropa 24.3 and Timeship Earth’s tribe-ulation.

May Peace Be with us All.


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  1. ¡hola! ¿qué datos necesitas para hacer un análisis de Human Design? ¿cuánto me cobrarías por hacerme el mío? sería muy importante para mí… soy Mauricio Ortiz Martínez, de Orizaba, Veracruz, México, y nací a las 6:20am del 15 de septiembre de 1979. soy kin 25, serpiente roja de cristal. Te saludo sin conocerte, te conozco sin saludarte… y recuerda… ¡el tiempo es la sensación de que las cosas están sucediendo por primera vez!

  2. Muy largo el artículo. Lo bonito del diseño humano es que posibilita una descripción totalmente sintética de la persona, gracias a las claves que nos dejó Ra ¡Menos es más!

    1. Thank you very much for the feedback! I’m going to do some online workshop soon. You can also join our group on facebook called “Galactic Human Design”, stay in touch!

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