Self-exsisting Moon Allingment Confirms Systems Meeting

Self-exsisting Moon Allingment Confirms Systems Meeting

Uploaded on the fbook group on 10/21: Today in the 13 Moon Calendar (or better called Synchronometer) is the 4th day of the 4th moon and the kin code is 4 Monkey, which as we saw here is Ra´s Galactic Signature, so it is all about Defining the Form plus Playing with Magic. If you go down that middle column in the moon 28 day matrix, you´ll find the Yellow Cristal Human kin, which happens to be Osho´s Galactic Signature -as we know many of his followers after his death went to Ibiza and met Ra´s Human Design) and this is just on gregorian 11.11 and only one day after kin 11 Blue Spectral Monkey, Arguelles Signature (on Nov 10 and day 24 of the moon).
So, as we may understand, it is not by accident that these wonderfull streamings of knowledge and vision are converging now and here !


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