Galactic Human Design

Human Design and the Law of Time

Exploring the Soul Systems Convergence : Ra Uru Hu’s Human Design meets Valum Votan’s Law of Time

While entering the Human Design awakening experiement and after 10 years of study and experience in the Law of Time system, i create this blog as a mirror to this meeting of systems and as a spark to trigger a totally renewed experience in the integration of the 13:20 time codes and the HD Maia Mechanics.

While the Law of Time is all about Time/Mind , and Human Design is all about Space/Body, this blog is a meeting of worlds and an experiment for those of us who are or wish to be, involved with both.

Even when i have just landed into HD since 2013, i feel positive that the exchange with LOT is a most interesting adventure for people and kin coming from both experiences and wishing to learn from one another and even merge themselves into one.

The result is unpredictable but it seems well worth to explore it,

to get the chrono-logical way of this adventure, just go to the bottom of this page and read the posts in the order they’ve been published,..

…or just go where your soul driver takes you 😉

Welcome aboard!


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