Excersise No.2 : RaUru Hu´s Galactic Signature

Excersise No.2 : RaUru Hu´s Galactic Signature

Ok here it goes excersise 2! Ra Uru Hu’s Dreamspell’s Galactic Signature is kin 251 Blue Selfexistent Monkey, …for those who don’t know Jose Arguelles was Monkey as well (on Spectral tone). Other fact is that this signature 251 is the one that coded the 9/11 event. Monkey is the 11th seal, Jose Arguelles and Ra Uru Hu died 11 days apart. While Jose died on kin 89 (Red Spectral Moon=9.11) on March 23, 2011, Ra departed on kin 78, White Cosmic Mirror, a code wich is said to carry the memory from the “Lost World” on Planet Mars, and the sum of all the 13 key seals in Pakal Votan’s sarcophagous lid. Other most interesting fact is that Ra got his revelation day on January 3rd, 1987, the day a Supernova took place, Jose Arguelles The Mayan Factor was published on that year along with the call to Harmonic Convergence held in Aug 15/16 of that same year, and these events according to Jose were all triggered by an injection of memory delivered by the Supernova Quetzalcoatl 1987A !


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