Excercise No.1: Jose Arguelles´ Rave Chart

Excercise No.1: Jose Arguelle´s Rave Chart

Please read it as an essay (i’m not an expert nor even a professional in HD analysis) and if there is anything you’d like to add or comment, you’re very welcome to do so!

This is Jose Arguelles Rave Chart, what do you see?

He is a 2/4 Sacral Generator and He´s got the Right Angle Cross of The Unexpected.

He is a 2/14, the Channel of the Beat, a design of  being a keeper of keys.

An Individual, in the circuit of Knowing, a definition that connects Gate 14, the Gate of Power Skills, with Gate 2, the Gate of the direction of the Self. I think this description of this gate from the Book of Differentiation by Lynda Bunnel/Ra Uru Hu sinthesizes pretty much the essence of José: “The ‘higher’ knowing of gate 2 is rooted in the direction of the self toward love and beauty via the magnetic monopole, the Driver. The Driver is focused on our movement in Time through Space, and built into your design is an innate sense of inner direction which is not based simply on geographic location.”…..”You are a visionary providing the plan or overview for a new way forward, but you are not here to do the work or make it happen.”

About Gate 14 it says.. “Gate 14 empowers direction for the individual, and humanity, through the distribution of available resources.” ..”The Sacral Center, when defined, has the energy to sustain long hours of creative work, and the 14th gate is fertile power at its most exalted.”..”When properly directed by gate 2, your resources can become a significant catalyst for empowering change in the world.”

The description of the channel, when both gates are active, states:

“Together, as the Channel of the Beat, they are poised to take us in a new direction.”..”The energy generated when you combine Gate 2, Higher Knowing, with Gate 14, Power Skills, is a very potent resource for the creative, fertile life force that empowers change in our direction.”….”You can bring an innovative and empowering new direction to people, projects and the planet, by simply listening to and trusting your Sacral response, even though you don’t know where it is taking you or what kind of mutative impact it will have on others.”…..”All individuality empowers through example, and your first task is to be true to yourself, and live into your own destiny, direction and purpose.”….

“The Collective is focused on the status quo and the Tribe is focused on security. Channel 14-2 provides the Individual with the resources and the keys needed to bring new directions to both groups by introducing critical new perspectives into the mix, so that we can continue to evolve, and meet the ever-changing challenges of existence. Eventually, the Collective and the Tribe will test and adapt the perspectives that best apply.

The Not-Self

We should also consider how very much conditioned he was with 7 open centers, although keeping in mind that it was actually this configuration that allowed him to be such a receptive medium and able to function like a living antenna with this Open Mind, trying to answer so many questions, with Gate 47 (Realization) pressure to solve to the past while gate 63 is pushing to foresee the future! An Open Throat with the Gate 56 (Stimulation) always looking for new sources of stimulation and new ideas for stories to tell, and gate 31 (Influence) aiming to influence but without Gate 7 which makes it sound “like an empty voice”

If you’d only read books like Earth Ascending, The Mayan factor, or Time and the Technosphere you can easily realize up to what point Jose worked exhaustively (2-14) sorting and re-telling the past  (47,56) in order to present a vision for a possible future (2-14) which is based on more holistic patterns (63) like displaying human history as a radial sequence over the Mayan Tzolkin, or acknowledge human evolution from the point of view of the 20 solar seals sequence (The Mayan Factor) , recalling the history of art and science, to present the different stages of the evolution and future of life based on the  DNA/I-Ching patterns (Earth Ascending) or taking a coded pattern from the Quran, placing it over the Tzolkin to demonstrate with astonishing facts that there is an actual higher intelligence at work behind the world stage (Time and the Technosphere).

An Open Ego says that he might have been continuously mind-fueled with the necessity of having something to prove, and obviously getting to the discovery of the Law of Time and the two distinct timing frequencies 12:60 and 13:20 definitively had put him on that place, and even when he found a lot of people that turned against him because of his controversial findings.

It was maybe because of an Open Solar Plexus pressure to avoid truth and confrontation, he kept himself always being very polite and kind even with those who wanted to discredit him, probably attracted by his hanging 55 (Gate of Spirit) looking for those to provoke him so that he could perceive his spirit and moods. This gate brings fear of lack of passion, thus taking him to get deeper and deeper into the mayan mysteries of time.

It was not easy to get close to him (hanging Gate 6, fear of intimacy) and might have had fear of rejection and consequences of unpredictability because of his hanging 49, the Gate of Revolution, though, it was an exalted aspect on his Design’s Jupiter at line 4 “Platform: A political and social agenda, embodied in guarantees to human rights that ensures a just and valued replacement of the old order. A potential sensitivity to the needs of society.

He had an Open Spleen with hanging gate 28 (The game Player) which carries fear for life to end before finding purpose or meaning, which might have acted both as the factor that stuck him to alcohol during the 70’s or what pushed him to actually pursuit for higher meaning and purpose to life, and that had definitively been a guiding call during his lifetime research.

By last, on his Open Root we see a need to complete a task in order to feel liberated, only that his task was huge! so he kept engaging over and over in new and more complex stages of development on his long and profound investigation about Time and Spirit, with hanging Gate 41 (Contraction) , a Codon that is the first letter in every DNA sequence, keeping his flame of desire turned on, but maybe not always knowing what he really wanted, thus somehow fueling his unexhausted research, and still this as his sun Personality, a line 2, the Hermit, made of this a theme in his life, 41.2 “Caution: Humanism tempered by pragmatism.”

2/4 Hermit/Opportunist Profile

So this is how he saw himself, a pragmatic hermit, with the necessary arrogance 31.2 Personality’s Earth) to carry “Independent action without guidance“, fueled by Nostalgia (P Moon at 63.6) maybe of galactic dimensions (if you read The Arcturus Probe) and always surrounded by an environment made of creative direction and intuitive investigation (nodes at 1.1 and 2.1),..but actually a line 4 Opportunist by design, Holding On: the ability through whatever means to keep one’s grip., Earthed by Generosity (27.4) and fueled by Enlightment/Endarkmenment his Design Moon at 54.4, as Ra said, the most mystical of positions, without exaltation or detriment, “for in truth they are the same” as described…”The Alpha and Omega. The end and the beggining….The fuel for transformation at it’s purest level. No polarity. No specific planetary accent.”

And most mysteriously, it is this gate and line, 54.4, that’s placed on his apprentice’s Stephanie South’s chart in the Personality Sun’s position, she came with gate 11, and so with the Channel of Curiosity (11-56) they wrote together the 7 volumes of the Cosmic History Chronicles, but that, we’ll keep analyzing in the next posts….


3 thoughts on “Excercise No.1: Jose Arguelles´ Rave Chart

  1. Im a begginer on the law of Time and I do not know nothing about HD. but I would like to , i think i saw a picture on Rah Facebook profile , not sure where but it was a charging service , anyway
    What should I read ? In order to decode or interpret a Chart
    Thank you !

    1. Hi Nicolas, to decode or interpret a Chart i mean, decently, it should take several years of study.
      You can start by exploring some websites like http://www.jovianarchive.com or humandesignhawaii.com
      there’s a bunch of free media and lessons there to help you ignite your own awakening experiment
      in lakech!

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